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Old 2002-12-22, 23:20
dReAmThEaTre4Me dReAmThEaTre4Me is offline
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Location: OhIo
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Talking Tab some sweet fills!!

Always trying to think of some sweet fills, especially includeing includeing double bass, tab some if you want to share!!
|I~. {'''''''} I I V V I
|I \ '-.~} I I / \../ \ I
|I_./ .-' | \_/ I . I I
./. D .. .. R .. ..U.. .. M.. ..\.
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Old 2003-02-14, 21:23
Polaris18716 Polaris18716 is offline
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Nice try to rip off other peoples works of art man. get a life.
Intelligent Thrash/Speed Metal- thats right MegadetH!
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Old 2003-03-12, 22:50
MeTalManiac555's Avatar
MeTalManiac555 MeTalManiac555 is offline
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Haaaaaahaahahaha dude you ripped that off....... why the hell did you do that you fag. Lol just messing with you man, sorry I'm bored and liek high. Hail!!!!!
walk through nature's dwelling
hide from obscure trees listening
winter brings gloom, brings remnants of our shadows
twilight casts spells on those who espouse their fate

ice pricks necks like knives, leaving shards of cadaverous skin
tears spout from eyes, shunned from mankind's den
(Prayer For Cleansing/ "A Dead Soal Born")
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