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Old 2005-12-07, 06:16
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Birthday List

Any person who has an account in this site shows it is their birthday at the bottom of the site? Is that for everyone. I'm wondering this because when it was my birthday it didn't display. Not that I care just curious.
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Old 2005-12-07, 06:21
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perhaps it was because your time zone was different from the main sites

and i always check it through calendar at the top, to the left of new posts
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Old 2005-12-07, 07:17
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The forum does no magic. If you don't specify your birthday in the profile there's no way it will appear in the list
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Old 2005-12-08, 15:31
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Hahahaha, what a gimp!
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Old 2005-12-09, 19:54
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slack as fuck
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i think somone should clear out the birthdays of shitheads who joined forever ago and dont post.
Originally Posted by Soulinsane
Bottle of Vodka, $25

Fucking on the couch while posting on Metaltabs and getting caught by your mother....

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Old 2005-12-10, 08:08
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 290
Gimp first time I heard that insult. Doesn't gimp mean a sadist person? As I said I'm only curious
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