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Old 2005-11-17, 19:57
DIYAK DIYAK is offline
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need some help and advice.

Okay, I play an SG with stock gibson pickups, but I want a more brutal metal type sounding guitar. I just bought a ENGL powerball, and I need to start saving for college, so my budget is kinda tight right now. So, do you think throwing some EMG's in it could help me out? (I'm thinking 81 in the bridge, 60 in the neck). I'm not very experienced when it comes to gear, guitars, pickups, etc, so I dunno. Or should I try to save for a decent guitar like decently priced Ibanez, Jackson, etc. (I'm maybe thinking that since I really want a geetar with 24 frets). I was looking on ebay, and I found This and it looked decent, has EMGs in it, and I believe it has 24 frets. Any good Ebay finds our suggestions would rule. Sorry for being such a "OMFG GEETAR GEAR n00bzorzOMFG", and thanks for any help in advance. \m/
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Old 2005-11-17, 22:14
HelpMeHelpYou HelpMeHelpYou is offline
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I would go for the one on ebay seeing as how it will be $200 for EMGs(plus installation if you don't know how) and now you'll have something with 24 frets as well. And its got a trem which is always fun to play with.
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Old 2005-11-17, 22:16
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EMGs are definitely the way to go if your considering it. You can see EMGs have their own thread under this forum. That Ibanez is pretty badass as well. It's really totally up to you. How important is 24 frets? You can score the EMGs of ebay rather cheap in comparison to buying another guitar. If you have the money, then go with the Ibanez. I'm rather an Ibanez freak, and I seriously think that guitar looks kick ass, plus with EMGs will sound kick ass.
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Old 2005-11-17, 22:50
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congrats on the Powerball.

If you can afford it, i recommend buying that guitar. Very good model, it's got the pickups you want, and its got 24 frets. Seems to be just what you want.

And yes, EMGs into a Powerball will most certainly be br00tal. Warn thy neighbors.
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Old 2005-11-18, 04:10
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Originally Posted by DIYAK

When the fuck is this going to get old?
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Old 2005-11-18, 13:43
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Originally Posted by *insert name here*
When the fuck is this going to get old?

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