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Old 2006-03-29, 00:31
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drum gear review

im hoping this thread will be in use as we get new gear or try out gear and discuss the pros and cons

today i journeyed to the eames drumshop to see the 24-ply birch snare, i met the man who runs the company, this place did not have a store per say. he brought me into his workshop where i got to see shell being made before my eyes.

all drums are birch and are made to order, this is only high end custom made drums, he also had a show room of sets he had, all different configurations,sizes and thickness,hardware etc.

we talked about the music we played, this guy is strictly jazz/blue orientated as there was many photos of famous drummers of these genre behind his kits<he had a kit with buddy richs crest on the bassdrum, i can only assume buddy owned a kit>. i told him i was looking for a set that had boom,projection and warmth like the sound of bonham,blakey and some of buddy Richs early sets. i told him that i was dissapointed in the new drumsounds that have been associated with metal music, robotic,triggered,flat sounds,tinny muted high pitched toms etc. i explianed my irrational deep hatred of "new drums" like tamas, pearls,mapex etc.

the man showed me the 24-ply shell, explains that it compresses air down into the coil head for the maximum volume, i tried a fully set up one none the loudest snare i ever heard, this was a 14x7 or 8, was a little longer than a unbelievable crack to it, my piccolo doesnt even come close.

the second thing i was i wanted to look at was the 28x18 12-ply bassdrum, he had one set up with a kit, i didnt play the kit but kicked the pedal a few times. its the bassdrum i always wanted....boom!!..all low end tone, a wall of rumble,apocalyptic thunder. a bassdrum that sounds like as if someone is banging on a huge church door, where the sound is carried into the naturally good acoustics of the altar

so the guy gave me a catalog and i rolled out, real cool guy, we talked about how they were made, how long it takes etc. i didnt want to waste the mans time, he seemed busy and i was not there to purchase anything as those kits are very expensive and to buy something means about 2 months of handmaking the shells,so i told him i may be back in the future. it was a kickass experience, i never seen the inside of a shop, never seen how they were made. i definately want a kit, this is far superior to my vistalites, far superior than most the drums i play in guitar center when i troll around and show off on occasion.
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Old 2006-04-08, 08:23
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what was the name of this store and how much are the snares?

p.s sounds like one hell of a day
Brutal and Technical?
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Old 2006-04-08, 09:44
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: providence
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id get a whole kit but im unemployed and broke at the moment. wheres a shit dead end part time job when you need one
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