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Old 2005-08-29, 00:57
xdislexicx xdislexicx is offline
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Originally Posted by foxguitar
First Off Nobody owns me specially not you

um... ok?

Originally Posted by foxguitar
Ok I see , it was a typo meaning the 5150 II and the 6505 II , I left out the II because I type fast were a bit better than the original 5150 ,
The 5150 and 6505 are the same I know that. All it meant was EVH was no longer endorsing Peavey or vice versa

i hate to be so anal and ruin the obvious coverups.... but there is no such thing as a 6505 II. the 5150 II's new name is 6505+.

Originally Posted by foxguitar
Ok still even if I was a hundred percent wrong in my comment , why was necessary to call the name ,

physics i guess?

Originally Posted by foxguitar
And Rape boy what are you a little lemming
followed by:
Originally Posted by foxguitar
But dont be disrespectful , We can talk , we can debate, we can debate spiritedly but leave the name calling home. Thats all I say.
Have a great nite

Friends don't let friends play Krank!
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Old 2005-08-29, 01:56
foxguitar foxguitar is offline
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well excussssssssse me the 5150 II is now the 6505 + well gosh , Ill be.

And for the Rapture quote since your so fond of quoting , where is his smart assed quote that preceded my quote .
And the owned comment was directed to him not you . It seems you guys need allies to cheer ya on. So you hang your hat on that I incorrectly called the 6505 + a 6505 II OK , but you knew what I meant Mr. Smug , And why is it a cover up ,
If im wrong I admit it , aint no big deal being wrong , im not going to San Quentin for making a wrong comment or a mistake. You see Mr. X where you annoy me is in your smugness. You obviously know about gear , Ive granted you that , but your pompousness is not needed. people do make mistakes typos , incorrect thoughts, its ok to disagree , I know I sound like a broken record , but why please explain in a 5000 words or less why you have to be crass about it. Why cant you state your case , without the commentary ,

And must you always quote me, I dont see the quotes that preceded mine , which in most cases is some fool throwing out an insult.
I hope you dont decide to teach school , cause the way I see you is some one who would insult and ridicule a student who didnt have the same grasp as you . Now me on the hand have taught , and the thing you learn is you explain you show you demonstate you use positive methods you dont tell some one they are a asshat.

Again if we could be respectful , we would all get along and the world of metal tabs would be a better place .

Maybe part of the problem is Im older and perhaps dont have the same taste in music as a lot of you . And in trading barbs Ive said some stuff albeit tongue in cheek that some of you took seriously . Ok I grant you some of the stuff in the "joust were said in fun but never serious , some of you took it serious .
Ok but heres the deal , I wont argue with anyone here disrespectfully , call names hurl shit , but I expect the same, want to debate fine ,
Case in point the thread that got shut down with the scales used by COB , there was no need to have the thread shut. I said what I felt to be true , anybody had the right to oppose my view , no sweat , but some young kid had to hurl shit and get personal , So knowing me I returned it before you know the MOD shut the thread down , wasnt necessary.
Im ready to stop the joust and just plain ole talk gear , we will see if you and your dudes will do the same.
somehow I know someone will call me something , I bet ya.
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Old 2005-08-29, 02:18
ShredIsNotDead ShredIsNotDead is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Fox, if you want peace, don't reply any more.

Close this thread. Thanks to those guys that gave me some good replies. For the rest of you, you fucking disgust me. Oh, and Rapture, calling people unoriginal isn't even original anymore.

I bought the Mesa Rectifier Recto-verb. There is no need for this thread any more.
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Old 2005-08-29, 07:49
foxguitar foxguitar is offline
Supreme Metalhead
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: NY just south of heaven
Posts: 809
well ok , Tell us how it is ,
give us the lo down , how it sounds , etc , good luck with it man
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