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Old 2004-04-05, 00:24
kmlm kmlm is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 69
Good thread!! Oh, it is tough, but the fifteen songs on my soundtrack of life would be...

1. Girls, Girls, Girls,--motley crue
2. Christian Woman--type o negative
3. Stripped, Raped and Strangled--cannibal corpse
4. Torture Killer--six feet under
5. Frayed ends of Sanity--metallica
6. Holy Wars..the punishment due--megadeth
7. Roots--sepultura
8. Heartwork--carcass
9. Crystal Mountain--death
10. 213--slayer
11. November-Coming-Fire--samhain
12. Flight of Icarus--iron maiden
13. The felonies of the Chrisitian arts--old man's child
14. Ruins--nile
15. The Burning Red--machine head
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Old 2004-04-13, 04:32
The Dimmu Monk's Avatar
The Dimmu Monk The Dimmu Monk is offline
Senior Metalhead
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Location: Quebec
Posts: 141
Well...I'm all about epic, bombastic, dark, magical black metal, so it would probably sound something like this:

1: ... And Oceans - Aquarium of Children
2: ... And Oceans - The Black Vagabond and the Swan of Two Heads
3: ... And Oceans - Karsimyksien Vaaleat Kadet
4: Dimmu Borgir - In Death's Embrace
5: Dimmu Borgir - A Succubus in Rapture
6: Summoning - The Loud Music of the Sky
7: Summoning - The Legend of the Master Ring
8: Amorphis - Black Winter Day
9: Cradle of filth - Cruelty Brought thee Orchids
10: Immortal - At the Heart of winter
11: Tidfall - Bloodact
12: Necromicon - Heavens of Hate, Fields of Fire
13: Finntroll - Svartberg
14: Catamenia - Landscape
15: Dragonlord - Spirits in the Mist
16: Suidraka - Dragonbreed
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Old 2004-04-13, 10:34
Ten Ton Alien's Avatar
Ten Ton Alien Ten Ton Alien is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Portugal
Posts: 1,234
i really dont let music define anythng in my life but still:

Manowar - Battle Hymns

the first metal song i listened to and introduced the genre to me (i was 5).

Cannibal Corpse - Shredded Humans

my first step into more brutal stuff (i was 8).

... notihng else, really, the rest was gradual.
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Old 2004-04-13, 23:01
Stuff is Great's Avatar
Stuff is Great Stuff is Great is offline
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Posts: 220
I'll try & do this in chrological order:

0. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
1. Public Enemy - Bring tha Noise
2. Obituary - The End Complete
3. Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness
4. Metallica - Enter Sandman
5. Sepultura - Territory
6. Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
7. Slayer - Dead Skin Mask
8. Slayer - every other fucking song they ever made [insert hardcore obsession here]
9. Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
8. Megadeth - Hanger 18
9. Death - Crystal Mountain
10. Satyricon - Dawn of a New Age
11. Cradle of Filth - To Eve the Art
12. Satyricon - The Scorn Torrent
13. Bjork - Smith & Wesson
14. Ladytron - Seventeen
15. Lamb of God (thank you, Jim!!!) - 11th Hour
16. Johnny Cash - Thirteen
17. Satyricon - Repined Bastard Nation

Plus a whole bunch of blues, hiphop, & much, much more metal. Looks kind of horrible, but that's pretty much the progression I've been through since 8th grade. Still listen to all of it apart from the Vanilla Ice of course....& the Metallica....
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Old 2004-07-01, 21:04
New Blood
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Phoenix, AZ U.S.A.
Posts: 19
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Embraced - Book of Keys
Vehemence - Melodic Death Metal on Metal Blade Records
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Old 2004-07-02, 02:42
lamb_of_god's Avatar
lamb_of_god lamb_of_god is offline
Supreme Metalhead
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland
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Man this is tough! Here goes. It won't all be metal, but it's me.

1. Lamb of God - Ruin (i feel isolated all the time)
2. Black Sabbath - Paranoid (my friends all say i am)
3. Slayer - Raining Blood (just for rockin' hard)
4. Every Time I Die - Pornogratherapy (i think porn is evil; still look at it though, i'm only human)
5. As I Lay Dying - Forever (i always seem to be falling for someone; it sux)
6. Hatebreed - Facing What Consumes You (really helps me when i'm down and out)
7. Pink Floyd - In The Flesh? (it's too hard to pick just one of theirs, but i love the main riff for this)
8. Pantera - Walk (i got in the pit for the first time when damageplan played it on the HB tour)
9. Eighteen Visons - Vanity (it still sends chills down my spine and i feel a deep connection with it's lyrics)
10. The Black Dahlia Murder - Funeral Thirst (THIS SONG JUST RULES!)
11. Norma Jean - Memphis Shall Be Laid To Waste (ALSO RULES!)
12. KoRn - Ball Tounge (KoRn's old stuff rocks real hard)
13. Tool - Sober (it really makes me think)

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Old 2004-07-02, 04:06
Slabbefusk's Avatar
Slabbefusk Slabbefusk is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Sweden
Posts: 2,550
My Album:

Slayer - Disciple
Dying Fetus - One Shot One Kill
Pantera - Cemetary Gates
Slayer - Spirit in Black
Damageplan - Breathing New Life
Sepultura - Cut-Throat
BLS - Life, Birth, Blood, Doom
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Chimaira - Army of Me
Slayer - In The Name of God
Slayer - Here Comes the Pain
Arch Enemy - The Immortal
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Old 2004-07-13, 03:56
andrewc andrewc is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 2,471
Intense Hammer Rage - To Men Who Masturbate Over Dying Children.

hahaha lol, but seriously, if there lookin for one to reflect my life:

1. Deströyer 666 - Australian and Anti-Christ
2. Anal Cunt - I Respect Your Feelings As A Woman And A Human
3. Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
4. Pantera - Suicide Note Part 2
5. Opeth - Nectar
6. Atomizer - When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently

7. Volatile - Akhmed the Fuckhead (With A Towel On Ya Head)
8. Anal Cunt - I Hope You Get Deported

9. Mayhem - Deathcrush
10. Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
11. Slayer - Exile

12. Slayer - Angel Of Death
13. The Kill - Walking Dead
14. Jesus Anal Penetration - Force Fed Holy Bullshit

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Old 2004-07-13, 04:09
Nihilist's Avatar
Nihilist Nihilist is offline
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Jesus Anal Penetration! You fucking legend, you.
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Old 2004-07-13, 11:51
obrien20's Avatar
obrien20 obrien20 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Brazil
Posts: 1,055
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Hi is mine.......

Death - Story To Tell - (the best song and lyrics of all time)
Death - Lack Of Comprehension
Megadeth - Hangar 18
Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
Blind Guardian - Journey Through The Dark
Slayer - Angel Of Death
Slayer - Dittohead
Krisiun - Kings Of Killing
Anthrax - Among The Living
Cannibal Corpse - Devoured By Vermin
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Aborted - Enginnering The Dead
Torture Squad - Asylum Of Shadows
Incantation - Sempiternal Pandemonium
Incantation - Uprising Heresy


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Old 2004-07-17, 06:10
Brutally_Hacked's Avatar
Brutally_Hacked Brutally_Hacked is offline
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Vic, Aus
Posts: 240
I've pulled the tracklist from my large and brilliant collection of songs on the computer. Problem being, I want to burn it now, and I've used all my blank cds. I'll have to buy more tomorow...


Akercocke - Enraptured by Evil
Akercocke - Horns of Baphomet
Alice Cooper - Wicked Young Man
Cannibal Corpse - Decency Defied
Cannibal Corpse - Mutation of the Cadaver
Children of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight
Dark Tranquility - Final Resistance
Dark Tranquility - The Same
Deicide - Blame it on God
Dying Fetus - Fornication Terror
Gorgoroth - Procreating Satan
Hecate Enthroned - Within the Ruins of Edin
Impaled Nazarene - Absence of War
Motley Crue - Wild Side
Samael - Baphomet's Throne
Samael - Blood Ritual
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Old 2004-07-18, 05:55
Disincarnate's Avatar
Disincarnate Disincarnate is offline
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Location: Keeping the Groove going and staying out of Treble
Posts: 1,778
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cryptopy-mutant christ
death-scavenger of human sorrow
death-spirit crusher
death-story to tell
cradle of filth-hallowed be thy name
morbid angel-ceasars palace
morbid angel-welcome to hell
nile-stones of sorrow
nile-blackseeds of vengance
nile-in thier darkness shrines(all 4 parts)
arch enemy-pilgrim
arch enemy-ravenous
arch enemy-savage messiah
decapitated-winds of creation
decapitated-madatory suicide
deicide-when satan rules his world
deicide-slave to the cross
deicide-blame it on god

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Old 2004-07-18, 06:03
Brutally_Hacked's Avatar
Brutally_Hacked Brutally_Hacked is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Vic, Aus
Posts: 240
Dude, deicide - blame it on god

I love the part where he drags his voice out when he says "blame it on god" the second time. He doesn't do it by much, in fact he hardly does it at all, but its enough to make it seem out of place to the music. Yet at the same time it fits perfectly. I dunno, for some reason I just like that bit.

I've gone off topic here so... I'll just stop now.
... Flamage ...

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Old 2004-07-18, 06:22
Ten Ton Alien's Avatar
Ten Ton Alien Ten Ton Alien is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Portugal
Posts: 1,234
my "top 25", so to speak (no particular order):

1 - Bal Sagoth - Naked Steel (The Warrior's Saga)
2 - Children Of Bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night
3 - Therion - Evocation Of Vovin
4 - Therion - To Mega Therion
5 - Entombed - To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
6 - Dark Tranquillity - ThereIn
7 - Dark Tranquillity - Hedon
8 - Dark Tranquillity - A Bolt Of Blazing Gold
9 - In Flames - Pinball Map
10 - Amon Amarth - Friends Of The Suncross
11 - Control Denied - Breaking The Broken
12 - Death - Overactive Imagination
13 - Death - Story To Tell
14 - Edguy - Nailed To The Wheel
15 - Kreator - Lost
16 - Manowar - Battle Hymns
17 - Manowar - Guyana
18 - Manowar - March For Revenge
19 - Manowar - Bridge Of Death
20 - Manowar - Blood Of My Enemies
21 - Manowar - Gates Of Valhalla
22 - Sepultura - Mass Hypnosis
23 - Symphony X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
24 - Suffocation - Pierced From Within
25 - Satyricon - Mother North
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Old 2004-07-21, 14:23
Casketcrusher Casketcrusher is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Toronto
Posts: 1,280
2.)Exhumed-A Slave to the Casket
3.)Exhumed-Deep Red
4.)Exhumed-In the Name of Gore
5.)Slayer-Raining Blood
6.)Slayer-Dead Skin Mask
7.)Napalm Death-Scum
8.)Dying Fetus-Destroy the Opposision
8.)Sodom-The Saw Is The Law
9.)Cannibal Corpse-Hammer Smashed Face
10.)Cradle of Filth-Her Ghost in the Fog
11.)Cradle of Filth-Tortued Soul Asylum
14.)Morbid Angel-I
15.)Metallica-Trapped Under the Ice
"I miss the days when it was acceptable to listen to everything."
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Old 2005-03-25, 19:55
thedarkdream's Avatar
thedarkdream thedarkdream is offline
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THis list is just of what I know now... as soon as i'll get a better internet connection I'll try some others, maybe re-make a list

It's in no order.

Metallica - Fade To Black
Nightwish - The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
Nightwish - Dead Gardens
Nightwish - FantasMic
Lacuna Coil - The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
Moonspell - Alma Mater
Therion - Sirius B
Therion - Clavicula Nox
Therion - Crowning Of Atlantis
After Forever - Black Tomb
After Forever - Follow In The Cry
After Forever - Inimical Chimera
Within Temptation - Grace
Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog
Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine
Dimmu Borgir - Puritania
System Of A Down - War? (Back to the Nu-Metal times...)
Theatre Of Tragedy - Bring Forth Ye Shadow
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Old 2005-03-25, 20:38
blizzard_beast blizzard_beast is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 4,723
eh, right now the depressing soundtrack to my life is:

Cathedral - Astral Queen
Alice in Chains - Brother
Alice in Chains - I stay away
Alice in Chains - Am I inside
Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Last Rebel
Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Drean Theatre - Vacant
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Opeth - In my time of need
Morbid Angel - Desolate ways
Blue Cheer - Better when we try
Cathedral - Solitude (cover)
Pantera - Floods
Danzig - How the gods kill
Dissection - No dream beyond breathless sleep
Van Morrison - I'll be your lover, too
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Old 2005-03-25, 21:22
LordofStorms's Avatar
LordofStorms LordofStorms is offline
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1.Immortal - Withstand the Fall of Time
2.Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold
3.Burzum - Det Som En Gang Var
4.Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
5.Death - 1,000 Eyes
6.Death - Without Judgement
7.Morbid Angel - The Lion's Den
8.Dimmu Borgir - In Death's Embrace
9.Emperor - Inno a Satana
10.Emperor - Thus Spake the Night Spirit
11.Kreator - Enemy of God
12.Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains
13.Darkthrone - A Blaze In the Northern Sky
14.Mayhem - Life Eternal
15.Megadeth - Set the World Afire
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Old 2005-03-25, 21:26
andrewc andrewc is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 2,471
Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
Dream Theatre - Vacant
Dissection - No dream beyond breathless sleep

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Old 2005-03-25, 21:49
shimbolla shimbolla is offline
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Posts: 318
The only song on the soundtrack would be Gary Jules - Mad World. It's a piano song, not metal at all. But to sum up alot of lives in general, that song is one of the best.
(And yes I've seen "Donnie Darko", which is a really good movie if one can put his macho mentality aside for just one film.)
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