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Old 2005-08-02, 19:40
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damn that was awfully cranky PST
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Old 2005-08-02, 20:02
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Originally Posted by PST 88
Childish? Disrespectful? The laughing wasn't directed towards you. The laughing was directed at the mod who had bothered to delete a post I had made that was completely reproduced in another poster's quotation. Only the paragraph beginning with 'secondly' was directed at you. Nice try, though. By the way, an indication of self-esteem problems is assuming people are directing their jeers and insults at you when they aren't.

Now don't try to make it look like I'm the one at fault. Even IF the laughing part wasn't directed at me, you were still clearly disrespecting me in other parts. It's also not my fault if it wasn't directed at me, because the way you posted it, it looked damn well like it was - You made no clear indication. Make your posts clear in the future and this type of thing won't happen.

And by 'sounding bad,' I mean 'producing the rattling, out of tune noise you were complaining about.' That's not subjective. It has nothing to do with the style, it has everything to do with whether or not they're capable of doing exactly what you're talking about (including the whole 'translating the aggression' bit) without knocking the strings around. So calm down and either practice or give it up. It can be done, so if you can't do it, that means the problem's with you. Again. If you want to insist that it can't be done because death metal's so different, fine, but I'll still say that it can be done, just not by you.

I do not like the sound of rattling on guitar, but I do like it on bass - this is what I meant. You can do things with bass (that sound good) that you can't do on guitar. Once again, if you disagree with me, it's because what you deem to be a good sound is not the same as what I like.

I can easily play music when calm, and play it properly, but it's just not as fun and I don't find it as fulfilling.


Now, I'll expect your apology whenever you feel up to it.

It's a shame, because the rest of this post was decent, and then you just felt like you had to add this. You're a part of the 'pwn3d' culture. People who feel like they have to add these things to various parts of their posts to make themselves feel superior. It's like some childish game. I take this to be an indication of low self esteem. And if not that, then it's just a sign of degeneracy and immature social practices formed in the schoolyard, and transported to the internet.
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Old 2005-08-02, 21:25
PST 88 PST 88 is offline
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That has nothing to do with the 'p3wned' culture. You had a problem with me based upon what turned out to be incorrect assumptions on your part. You grouped me in with 15 year olds with self-esteem problems due to this misapprehension. So I'd expect an apology from somebody as mature as you pretend to be. You've got the same internet bullshit going on, you just add some whining to it; either cut it out or quit pretending you're superior to it.

And, again, it doesn't necessarily produce any rattling. I don't like the sound of it either. We're not disagreeing on what sounds good, we're disagreeing on whether or not you can hit the strings aggressively without producing the rattling sound. The whole reason I first brought Anthrax into this was to give a relatively accessible example of somebody hitting the strings very hard without producing the rattling sound. That's it. It's possible. The end. No need to bring in aesthetic differences or the subjective nature of opinion.
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Old 2005-08-02, 23:06
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Has this entire thread been about the clackety-clack of guitar/bass strings? I'm surprised how far its gotten ... I play a seven string guitar in Drop A. And I'm a very aggresive player with a leaning towards rythm stylings. You'd think I'd be in clacket-hell, but strangely I'm not.

Last edited by John Holland : 2005-08-02 at 23:09.
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Old 2005-08-02, 23:09
Overmind Overmind is offline
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They weren't all incorrect assumptions. The laughing was only a minor part of it, and you're trying to make it seem like that's all that was involved. Your post was still hostile, even if the laughing part wasn't in it. Your request for an apology is just more power-seeking egocentric bullshit and I'm not going to fall for that trick. You're trying to pick apart my posts to find something that you can use to make yourself feel superior, even if it means destroying entire threads.

"we're disagreeing on whether or not you can hit the strings aggressively without producing the rattling sound"

Incorrect. I never said you couldn't play aggressively without string rattling. I was arguing that hitting the strings harder doesn't produce the sound that I like, and when I pluck them in order to produce string rattling like a bass, I don't like the result.

I'll let you have the last word, so you can feel like a big man. I'm done with this.
<TonyBlair> Someone set up us the bomb!
<AlQaeda> All your base are belong to us!
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Old 2005-08-03, 12:18
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Im not going to let this continue,

'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

Originally Posted by metal=life
Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
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