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Old 2005-06-08, 12:38
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is this correct


i made it myself and i just wanted to check it through
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Old 2005-06-08, 12:57
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looks fine to me... but i havent taken music in school for 3 years now...

edit add:
remember that natural notes follow the major scale, which goes -->
tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone... yeah i hope that helped
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Old 2005-06-08, 13:55
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Originally Posted by User01

i made it myself and i just wanted to check it through

thats right
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Old 2005-06-08, 20:37
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here's a site I used to print me out some fretboard notes and patterns. They have some already marked. They even have a page that you can print off copies of blank somewhat realistic fretboard pictures in a tab-like form. Their really helpful, or well I think they are. You can make freboards of scales, octaves, and arpeggios in any key, or the note names. Heh, I have a fuckin shitload printed out scattered all through my jam room. Only bad thing is they only go to the 17th fret. hope this helps
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