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Old 2005-08-30, 22:06
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I always use my pinkie finger for fretting. I tend to position my fretting hand with all 4 fingers covering 4 frets, and move my hand up and down the neck as needed.


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Old 2005-09-10, 15:27
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Actually some people play that close to the brigde because they like the attack it gives. Of course, it depends alot on whether you're playing with a pick or with fingers. I think it sounds stupid with a pick. If you're using a pick, you have enough of that tinny and trebley sound as it is, moving close to the bridge just slaughters it, you end up with no bass coming from a bass guitar!
As for fingerstyle I think it is probably better to move a bit toward the bridge, the give the notes more attack and clarity (well, that is, if you're playing something that involves fast playing of low notes). The Cryptopsy bassist told me that he plays so close to the bridge because it gives him the attack he wants. I play between the bridge and neck pickups, playing right over the bridge has a bit too much tension for my liking. But I set my bass at about 70% bridge pickup and 30 neck for most regular playing. It is often hard to balance clarity for low fast stuff and tone for all other stuff. I should learn to move my hand close to the neck when not playing fast, but it is too hard for me to switch at this moment ... I need to practise it.

As for my fretting hand, I figured 'why go through the trouble of learning to play 4 fingers when I can just practise one to get really good so I don't need the other ones'. Then I cut off all of them except for my pinky. And I can solo faster than anyone else.
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