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Old 2005-05-05, 16:07
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I discovered these guys not too long ago at the Century Media website and I was determined to see if you guys enjoyed their music or if I could spread thier good name amongst the forum, but appartently I had an a.d.d. moment and something else probably caught my attention and I forgot about them til resently.

Mercenary is a prog/melodic death metal band with power metal influences. Their music to me is breath taking, I love it when keyboards set the pase of the music. The vocals are typical when it comes to power metal-ish stuff but I actually enjoy it considering the only thing I like that's close to power metal is Into Eternity, Borknagar, and Gardenian. Of course I wouldn't go on about a band without posting a mp3, so enjoy.

Mercenary - 11 Dreams

ps: The song is nearly 7 minutes long so those without DSL/Cable may be waiting a while.
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Old 2005-05-05, 16:19
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Pretty good,I love epic music like this.
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Old 2005-05-05, 16:46
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Pretty good, sounds a bit like Evergrey to me.
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Old 2005-05-06, 15:54
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awesome, vox are are awesome
cool name too
now i have another band to put on my birthday list.
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