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Old 2005-04-09, 19:11
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New Blood
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i think the bands main priority should be to play good but if they want to play a better show they need to go fcking insane
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Old 2005-04-09, 19:27
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if i would have a band and do a gig i guess my aim would be play everytrhing as nice as i can.. im not the kinda person that gowes nuts playing or sumtin, im most likely just gonna stand there playing my part

< no wonder hes mad!!
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Old 2005-04-09, 20:34
NZ black metal drumm NZ black metal drumm is offline
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even though I am drummer, I mosh about and act like an idiot when playing. it looks better than being static
omg t3h @x1s p3d@ls @r3 t3h b3st!!!!!!1!!11
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Old 2005-04-11, 01:42
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this entirely depends on what crowd you got, or the crowd your in, the energy gone into playing a set is mutual with the crowd enjoying it, they both depend on one another. when the crowd freaks out to your music you tend to freak out as well, if they are mellow but appreciative i dont expect the band to be animated,flying across the stage, going hog-wild. the energy of a show is hard to predict unless you're at a slayer show or something......something that is a garentee on getting the crowd going nuts, but since slayer doesnt exactly go crazy when playing a set you have to consider other factors, they do this everyday in every city for months on end.......they've been doing this for decades, so on and so forth

so my point is theres way too many factors on choosing one or the other,the crowd, i believe has the most impact. its not so cut and dry. some of the bands you may be dissapointed with in terms of the live show may have had a 15 hour drive, few hours of sleep,seriously hungover before showing up, or you could be in a crowd that totally sucks, doesnt give any other band playing the time of day, waiting for the headlining band arms folded and pissed off
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