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Old 2005-02-16, 15:02
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As fast as humanly possible

I play drums alot. I do not go to college though I would love to for drumming and guitar but I do dedicate my life to it. Anways you know those pure holocaust style blast's that are just insanely fast?

I love playing those, anyone else? I know they aren't hard to do or anything but they are so damn fun. it is challenging keeping on time though and not eventually fadingout due to a cramping arm. I am the fastest drummer out of all my friends since all I do is practice speed. I otherwise am a complelty average joe on the drums.
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Old 2005-02-16, 16:32
Lord.Worm Lord.Worm is offline
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I cant really follow you? never heard of pure holocaust blast .
I can push myself up to 260 (not constantly/ constantly 255) bps with this blast.
sometimes on good days...I hit my gravity up to 230 (max.) but not tight and also not constant.
So did that helped you?
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Old 2005-02-16, 16:36
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