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Old 2005-02-23, 20:47
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dont make me separate you two!
Originally Posted by xdislexicx
friends don't let friends play krank.

Originally Posted by Def
nah man, nah, I had an itchy ballsack!

forget wall of marshalls look at this wall of engls!
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Old 2005-02-27, 00:29
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I have a question about Duncans... I will be playing mostly opeth kind of metal on my Jackson SLSMG Soloist(Mahogany neck and body w. ebony fretboard), wouldnt the full shred or the distortion duncans be better than a jazz in the neck ?
There it was. The final destiny. A sunrise that never came, still the lamp never faded away. Farewell was the word, and the afterglow was the brave morning. Rising and telling everyone, about the beauty of its Prologue.
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Old 2005-02-27, 09:36
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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
are you retarded?

i guess this isnt really as simple as i thought, i was hoping you guys were a little brighter than that. i can't really think of a much more simple way to word it.

an emg is hot BECAUSE OF THE PREAMP BOOST... you can't have it any other way. it's a package deal. the fact that the pickup it's self is low output is totally irrelivant BECAUSE it has the preamp. the preamp isnt just something you buy separately, it's part of the emg.

lol, just give up
i get what your saying, i got what you were saying about 100 posts ago, and i agree with you, its just that moron, hes a bit retarded, its like trying to teach a rock to do a backflip...
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