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Old 2005-04-27, 13:15
Myrmidonlord666 Myrmidonlord666 is offline
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Erosion of Sanity Era Gorguts

... Condemned to Obscurity would be a godsend but any Gorguts !!!!!! from Erosion would be choice
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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
it was too hifi for me...
it's like a hot chick that is horrible in bed.
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Old 2005-04-27, 13:26
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obrien20 obrien20 is offline
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Cloaca will probably be doing the whole EOS album...
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Old 2005-04-27, 16:30
MetalThrashingMad's Avatar
MetalThrashingMad MetalThrashingMad is offline
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Yep, Cloaca plans on doing a whole Gorguts album eventually.
Originally Posted by Amadeus
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Old 2005-04-27, 17:23
Transient's Avatar
Transient Transient is offline
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eventually, but he hasnt done shit yet. i think hes got some kind of life outside of MT, contrary to previous belief.

i think i might take a stab at one of those songs, but if i do any itll be the first. i have a bootleg of gorguts with only one guitar, some really good headphonesa nd the remaster of that album so it should be easier

i did bits and pieces of innoculated but enver finished that one up
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Old 2005-04-28, 02:16
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Cloaca Cloaca is offline
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Transient, you are correct about the first line. Well the last part of it anyway.

I have done some of this album, I've got parts of a few songs, including Condemned To Obscurity, but I just haven't completed any of the songs. I'm also working on Considered Dead shit, Rottenatomy is almost done. Plus, I'm in the middle of updating Rivers Of Gore into the pimp daddy of all death metal tab sites..........

Be patient, this all takes time.......
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