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Old 2005-01-12, 19:03
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Alice In Chains

Can alice in chains be considerd heavy metal ? I know alot of there tunes some are heavy and some are just rock.
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Old 2005-01-12, 19:14
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Old 2005-01-12, 20:16
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I bought Facelift when it first came out and pretty much considered them to be metal at the time. All their work after that lost its edge IMHO and quickly slid down the slope into grunge.

Saw them live when they were supporting the Facelift album. They were the opening act on the Slayer/Anthrax/Megadeth "Clash Of The Titans"
triple-header, summer '91. AIC were pretty freaking great that night.
But then again, that whole night was pretty whoopass!
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Old 2005-01-12, 21:46
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Alice in Chains are great. Here is a big thread about them you can bump up if you want:
Check my band out:
i'm so ronrey
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Old 2005-01-12, 21:55
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Alice in Chains are my favorite band, (right up there with the Chili Peppers and Metallica) Their music has been and continus to be a joy in my life. I hope Layne is in a better place. My favorite song is Would? anybody else got a favorite?
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Old 2005-01-13, 21:09
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They've got a few good songs. I have their greatest hits album around somewhere. But if RHCP and alice in chains are your favorite bands, i dont think this is realy the forum you belong in.

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