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Old 2005-04-05, 11:31
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Originally Posted by andrewc
yo just don't know how to play it on the metaltabs streets do yo, biatch.

E-gang, again? I think I'm catching on...
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Old 2005-04-09, 01:13
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Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
Possessed- Pentagram
Nokturnal Mortum- On the Moonlit Path
Demoncy- Impure Blessings
Sarcofago- Satanas
Mayhem- Funeral Fog
Mayhem- Freezing Moon

I know every word to Possessed's 'Pentagram' by heart, and ignoring what that says about me, they are the dumbest, most juvenile, meaningless lyrics I could imagine. Fly into the pentagram, there's a lot you'll want to see. Sacrifice the crying ram and drink the blood with me. What the fuck is that?
It's understandable that it's juvenile, after all, they were all in high school when they wrote that shit.

EDIT: I just checked your profile and you're only 15. I might have thought those lyrics were cool if I heard them when I was 15, so your liking of such cheesiness is totally justified. Hell, you're like a year younger than Jeff was when he wrote this stuff.
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!

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Old 2005-04-09, 16:13
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suffocation - thrones of blood
cannibal corpse - addicted to vaginal skin
cannibal corpse - fucked with a knife

they make me giggle
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Old 2005-04-10, 16:34
Ragnarök Ragnarök is offline
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immortal - one by one, tyrants, sun no longer rises
darkthrone - transilvanian hunger
cruachan - ride on
Kreator - extreme agression, betrayer, renewal
metallica - battery, fade to black
slayer - angel of death, war ensamble, dead skin mask, disciple, payback
judas priest - painkiller, breaking the law
Ac/Dc - back in black, highway to hell, whole lotta rosie, let me put my love into you

and ofcourse.. Manowar - metal warriors
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Old 2005-05-15, 02:37
This_means_war This_means_war is offline
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blah blah blah

Anything the dude from pig destroyer writes is pure gold!

fuck drabby boring imagery lyrics about lakes and the sun rising and mourning the lost angels who dwell in the lakes and come to visit me when the tide comes in... ahhh fuckin kill me...

p.s. i do LIKE bands like opeth who use these kinda lyrics but c'mon the lyrics dont make the band
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