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Old 2004-12-23, 00:51
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$60, but the reserve isn't met.
And judging that hes asking like $200 for the buy it now, I think the reserve isn't to low.
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Old 2004-12-23, 00:52
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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
uhh. Any electric guitar can be 'for metal'.

True, any guitar you can play can be used for heavy metal ... just look at Malmsteen, playing what is often considered the least ideal instrument for heavy metal, the "sproingy-toned" stratocaster. An object lesson that tone is more in the hands than in the equipment ...

B.C. Rich is generally looked down upon by more experienced players ( unless they are endorsed by B.C. Rich, of course ... then they are playing American Made B.C. Rich's that cost upwards of 1,500$ ), mainly because they are notorious for producing instruments of an "inferior" quality, but with pointy edges to sell in greater quantities. And at that, these extreme shapes can come off as contrived to some players. But play whatever you prefer, because you will not be happy any other way!

If you're going to replace your Warlock, I sugggest ESP. Some of their models ranging from 4-600$ feature active electronics ( EMG ), 24 fret thin necks and aesthetics instrinsic to heavy metal bravado that scream 'metal', which sounds like what you're looking for. And as always, E-bay is a fine place to look.

You get what you pay for, although some companies offer better values than others, and this is at the discretion of the customer.

And if you're not going to replace the Warlock ... then at least modify it to the greatest extent possible, I would go so far as to replace the original hardware ( tune-o-matic bridge, tuners ), and active humbuckers would be a must. EMG or Seymour Duncan's LiveWire.

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Old 2004-12-23, 04:12
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well thanks.. yeah ill buy new gear soon. pen15
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