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Old 2004-11-25, 21:19
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Old World Order (reborn)

ITs a mood thing...When im in a certain mood..I tend to just..Wing it.. Nothin special.
But if you can comprehend my scetchy writeing, then you might get a cool visual..


From the past they burn
Scorching holes in space and time
a collection of thoughts progressed
crushed by those who left behind
the temple with a symbolic crest
destroyed by the great "divine"

Plung into madness
let go of sense and morals of greed
rise against the dispicable culture
no longer give your soul, for the abyss to feed

Heed your true calling
From past, for future
Let the present rot in dreams of yesterday
March on, there faith we prey
old world order
the ancient past revived again

feel the heat, of ancients screaming
chuckling as you retrieve. the truth, "it cant be real"
But once scared you will never heal
the truth, that blazes your flesh
Your mind created, the hell youve dug, for yourself

Grinding away at the stones that theyve laid, to mark
are place in the sky.
amongst our brothers, our celestial fathers, grow weak ,weary, and frail
but he brought me back, to fix what theyve cracked, to obliterate there hypocrisy
This is the end, forlorn, wich theyve sent, to destroy, and to never see.
This is the old world order..Reborn, from depths to achieve victory

Any feed back on how to make this better, would be AWSOME... So hit me back with some feed...back.. FOREVER BE IT, THE GRINDBOX...
Insanity is slowly strangeling me.....
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