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Old 2006-10-05, 17:16
RedBull RedBull is offline
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Higher throaty scream

I've been trying to do the high throaty vocals like the singer in Job for a Cowboy uses (not pig squeels). The best I've come up with is putting a higher pitch in a throaty scream but it always ends up cracking and sounding like a little girl. Suggestions?

If you need an example they use this kinda of vocal at the end of Entombment of a Machine and through out most of their songs.
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Old 2006-12-08, 22:24
666petthylord666 666petthylord666 is offline
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are you looking for a high pitched scream like death or cradle of filth?
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Old 2006-12-23, 14:50
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drawn&quartered drawn&quartered is offline
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well if you can do the lower end scream, just tighten up your throat a lot more. also the scream part is higher up in the back of your throat, its a little hard to explain.
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