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Old 2004-10-10, 21:38
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Epiphone Goth 1958 Explorer with Floyd Rose Tremolo

i know ive been posting alot about seeing what people think of guitars and its probably getting annoying, but i live in bend and we have like 2 guitar stores and all they have is ibanez's. so what do you think of this one? i mainly want one with the floyd rose tremelo, and this one looks like james hetfields guitar.
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Old 2004-10-10, 22:05
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It might be a good one but they are all hit or miss with Epiphone, even if it's the same make and model. I wouldn't trust the Korean Floyds though. I have one of these guitars but with a tune-o-matic bridge and it was the best one out of the other 4 same guitars. Quality control in the Korean guitar factories are anything but detailed. I have seen many Epiphones with major defects and others that were great by pure luck of the draw. Drop some EMG in this guitar and you will love it.

Also, I see you used the avatar YG made for you instead of the one I made you. Did mine not work? Mines bigger
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Old 2004-10-10, 22:22
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Whats wrong with ibanez?
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Old 2004-10-11, 13:58
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i really hate the epi goth series guitars. I ve played both the lp and explorer goth's with floyds and they sucked serious ass. They played crap, sounded pretty much standard and the floyd is a piece of shit. If you want a james hetfield type guitar get a esp ltd. If ya want a good guitar perhaps check out some of the ibanez's first in your 2 local shops. I m pretty sure u ll like an ibanez more than an epi. Check out the rg and s series guitars if ya do.
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Old 2004-10-11, 14:03
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I never liked an epiphone to start out with, crappy hardware and tone, they don't play as good as gibsons either.

worst thing is that they don't even stay in tune, I had a epi LP somewhere in the past, I was glad to get rid of it.
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