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Old 2005-05-11, 17:39
metal_musician metal_musician is offline
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Join Date: May 2005
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need help doing thrash

can anyone help understand how to do good thrash vocals? also im having ah ard time learning how to do normal singing since im used to doing death metal, screaming, yelling
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Old 2005-05-11, 17:41
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Try to sing as if you realy, realy don't like your audience.
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Old 2005-05-11, 17:53
metal_musician metal_musician is offline
New Blood
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 7
ok il try, also if ti helps heres the vocal styels ive already got down deathmetal (cannibal corpse, six feet under, kataklysm) , kindo black metal (when chris barnes does his high shit, dimmu ect...) yelling (worse version of lamb of god, meshuggah ect..) also a good example of what good more moden day thrash vocals would sound like would be good. so far ive practiced to kreator and megadeth and slayer but the vocals i get out of trying that doesnt sound like something that would really work today. ig you want i could give a sample up here and you could tell me what im doing wrong?
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Old 2005-05-11, 21:17
shimbolla shimbolla is offline
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I may be wrong, but here's my opinion...
Vocal styles such as death and black metal don't (usually) use the natural voice. You either break your voice into a low grunt/growl, or raise it up higher with raspiness, etc. Those are things that can be done with practice and experience. But with most thrash-style vocals, the sound is taken much more from the singer's natural voice. Sadly, it seems, if you can't get a certain sound out of your voice that doesn't call for an unnatural effect, then it's just not for you. Thrash singing and it's style seems to depend more on the individual, and because of that there's not really any technique or goal to set out for. Just do what you can do.
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Old 2005-05-14, 18:00
darkexodite darkexodite is offline
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"Kill em All" by Metallica is a good example of standard thrash voice. It has to be natural, and most thrash singers realy don't know much about singing... well they learn later, like Hetfield did, and then the voice changes (if you can tell).

Anyhow, you might encounter a problem with doing thrash partly because you've already done a lot of growling... which does brake your chords, and what you used to be able to do (even if you dind't know you could), you probably can't now.

This happened to me, but fortunately I can still do thrash pretty good (my voice sounds a bit deaper though, if I go higher it slowly turns into a growl heh). Yes, thrash has a lot of hate behind it, just pure anger released in one session. That's the best I can define it from a feeling level.
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Old 2005-05-14, 19:06
MetalThrashingMad's Avatar
MetalThrashingMad MetalThrashingMad is offline
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I think Shimbolla is right, Thrash is almost like a distorted singing type sound, while death metal uses a totally different approach. I don't know too much about it myself, and I would like to try some Atheist/Sadus type vocals as well.
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Old 2005-05-14, 21:03
metal_musician metal_musician is offline
New Blood
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 7
thanks for everything, im kindo getting thrash down more, just need to practice at it. ive only been doing deathmetal for about 6 months and so far it seems like it hasnt destroyed my chords too much, and for the past few weeks wheneer i do deathmetal (ive been cutting down on it) its been mostly diaphram which is a lot easier on the throat. also so far it seemsl ike my voice is good enough to work for thrash, i jsut need to get it down better and need to get my diaphram strong enough to really make it sound powerfull without putting too much gain on it. umm it would be really helpfull if anyone could tell me some good exersices for developing your diaphram, and getting better at breathing the right way wile doing vocals (the way that makes your stomech go out)
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Old 2005-05-15, 11:49
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BLS BLS is offline
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I think the general rule to Thrash singing is.. sing how ever you want, just make sure your audience can understand the witty lyrics.
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Old 2005-05-22, 18:25
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Soeru Soeru is offline
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Originally Posted by darkexodite
"Kill em All" by Metallica is a good example of standard thrash voice. It has to be natural.

Exactly how I would've put it. Just snarl in a very pissed off manner, but make sure you can sing fast lines and sing them clearly. Try singing some Nuclear Assault and see what I mean...

Imitating Tom Araya(Slayer) shouldn't be too hard. Early death metal vocals were almost identical to thrash, just a bit more gutteral. Nowadays DM vocals are all gore-guts-ish.

The cool thing about thrash vocals is that you don't have to sing with a melody, just getting a good rythm going for your lines is good enough. Once you know more about music theory(and can really sing better), you might want to try adding a bit more melody to the vox, just something that doesn't sound exactly the same as your guitar lead. :P
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Old 2005-05-22, 18:29
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guitar_demon guitar_demon is offline
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Originally Posted by Soeru
, just something that doesn't sound exactly the same as your guitar lead. :P

dude that could be sick, sing the same lines that your soloing
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Old 2005-05-23, 05:53
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george benson, a jazz guitar player, does that. he matches the pitch too, its pretty cool
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Old 2005-06-14, 16:22
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Old 2006-12-08, 15:54
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deathxleprosyx deathxleprosyx is offline
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this is awesome cause i need thrash help and this is working
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Old 2006-12-25, 17:00
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When i'm singing trash i just sing what i think fits to the music my band plays. I dont really concentrate on singing, i just sing along. But i guess you'll have to be able to use your own voice, and you'll got to have a pretty desent voice, or else it wont sound any good. I guess that didnt help much ^^'
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