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Old 2004-09-06, 05:39
Exodus666 Exodus666 is offline
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Altering snare volume = crappy technique?

Just a question that has been on my mind for some time now...

If you listen to anything that involves blasting (black, death, grind) the snare sometimes , not always (depending on drummer of course), is very silent. Then, when the rhythm is slow and groovy (no blast), the snare is like a fucking canon (or at least at decent volume level compared to the blast).

I don't know how you think about this? I think it's pretty lame to have fast blasts, but with a serious lack of power/accurateness to level the snare's volume; and then beat it like a madman on slow rhythms.

oh well
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Old 2004-09-06, 05:54
The Doctor's Avatar
The Doctor The Doctor is offline
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i think its pretty obvious.

when you're blasting the stick always is very close to the skin, that means you don't have room to give it a smack (no time aswell).
On a slow beat you HAVE the time and room.

that wasnt so difficult
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Old 2004-09-06, 11:30
Exodus666 Exodus666 is offline
Supreme Metalhead
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Belgium
Posts: 722
guess again

if you're a good drummer, you blast with almost equal force...

I have heard many do so, so it's possible.

and even if you are right, the contrast on itself is pretty
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Old 2004-09-06, 15:35
NZ black metal drumm NZ black metal drumm is offline
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read the nagrath site (at and read what he says about blasts.
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Old 2004-09-06, 17:03
omdthrash's Avatar
omdthrash omdthrash is offline
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i'd rather hear something with a lot of spirit and energy that lacks technique (something wicked fast but maybe not loud blast) than something played tecnically "correctly" but at a lamer tempo with less energy (loud blasts but at a slower tempo). Of course Id ideally have ultra fast jackhammer-loud blasts, but this aint a perfect world.
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Old 2004-09-06, 18:41
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I used to have this problem, so I started working out. Now my blasts can go just as loud as my standard playing. I use the standard playing as a cool-down technique between blasts, then I put all my energy in to the blasts and I achieve pretty damn fast speeds.

There's also another solution - just don't blast beat that fast. Mid-Paced blasts when used correctly can be just as good as slow blasts and fast blasts.

Just don't attempt to play Marduk covers..
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