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Old 2004-09-28, 09:12
HailAngelo HailAngelo is offline
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Firstoff that singer is a douchefor saying that, he probably listens to nu-metal (which has like 0 bass) so his opinion doesn't matter. Second, I think that the bass should be heard for being the bass. I find it best tohave all the instruments doing seperate things but allworking together to make everything sound good. I don't like it when people base the Bass off of the Guitars, or the Guitar and Vocals and stuff like that. I'm not all agianst it happening sometimes because sometimes that what you havta do, but when people just count out all other possibilitys, thats when you limit yourself....
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Old 2004-09-28, 14:35
G_urr_A G_urr_A is offline
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Why does it seem to me like members with <50 posts are more commonly seen resurrecting threads than other members?
seems like you got a case of stupidphobia
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Old 2004-09-29, 00:54
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I dont know but when u find out let me know so i can shuve it up u ass. man I didn't know there was a thread like this. it was my first thread and i needed the help as soon as possiably so i started a new thread instead of looking through old threads for shit i probably wont need. besides the band is going great we kicked that gay singger out and we are letting the lead guitarist sing for now we kinda sound like Black Label Society. ZAKK WYLD RULEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we won the battle of the bands last month it was sweet. oh and thanks for all the help guys. finally u can hear the bass and now that we kicked the singer out we made a couple of orgnals and we have some sweet basslines in there and this one song its all about the bass cuz I play the main riff so the guitars lower their amps and then its time for me to steal the show.
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Old 2004-09-29, 13:51
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Alright, good good, case closed.
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

Originally Posted by metal=life
Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
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