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Old 2004-10-17, 22:19
andrewc andrewc is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
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does anyone know where i can find stuff by underground australian death metallers abramelin?

awesome band, for those that dont know, theyre straight up death metal with some melodic parts and nasty vocals but you can understand what hes saying. i think all 3 blood duster drummers have played with them at some point (rizzo, heriot and rout)

id love to find some of their stuff. little help?
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Old 2004-10-17, 22:26
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The Berzerker guitarist (Matt Wilcock) is in this band. Brilliant stuff. I wish I knew where you could get their stuff, but I got it long ago.
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Old 2004-10-17, 22:42
andrewc andrewc is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 2,471
ill start trying a few second hand stores, and see if i can import it or something, but i WILL have this bands music.
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Old 2004-10-17, 22:52
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i know my friend has a CD, so it shouldn't be that hard.
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Old 2004-10-17, 23:04
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