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Old 2005-02-16, 18:35
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Originally Posted by andrewc
that, saevar would be drop G tuning. i strongly recommend that you do not try tuning your guitar to G. unless you own a 7-string guitar, the sound will be something like:


and even with 7 strings, it will still sound rather like your grandma in a pool of mud on baked beans and prunes night.

haha ok
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Old 2005-03-01, 07:04
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Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
How do i tune down to a 'cause i'm playing al lot of nile lately and music from bloodgasm and six feet under also still kicks ass in a so i heard...and i do'nt have money for tuning device for alternative tunings...also what kind of strings do i use when tuning that low ?...i mean...i don't want floppy strings

You really don't need any device for alternative tunings, just tune standard and go from there. You might wanna try a site like this to tune, then harmonize to whatever key you're trying to tune to.
That should help
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Old 2005-03-07, 01:37
Azdaroth Azdaroth is offline
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My favourite is standard C but i like D and Dropped A too, but I haven't good strings to this tuning.
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Old 2005-03-07, 02:11
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My favorite is C# because it's heavy and still you can play some calm preaty sounds, but now i'm tuned to B because i'm learning some cryptopsy's songs
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Old 2005-03-09, 08:09
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after a lot of testing around i finally tuned to Eb. I mean its a hlf tone away from d in wich killswitch engage plays and a half tone away from standard e wich metallica plays in. And slyer uses mainly Eb. So i have best of all 3 worlds. And for the killswitch songs i just drop the low string to C#

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Old 2005-03-09, 21:36
DanOfTheDead DanOfTheDead is offline
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Standard E tuning and B tuning. Why? E because I like to pretend that I'm Randy Rhoads. B because I like to pretend I'm in Carcass and Impaled. Never dropped though, I like the power chord shape as is.
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Old 2005-03-10, 05:54
andrewc andrewc is offline
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yep, that one finger power chord business bugs me
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Old 2005-03-14, 00:40
HelpMeHelpYou HelpMeHelpYou is offline
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Standard, for the sole purpose that it has become what I am accustomed to
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Old 2005-03-14, 16:05
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Standard E, Drop Eb ( I just drop the E string to Eb, meaning I would play powerchords the same way you would finger a flatted-fifth interval in standard tuning. For old Cannibal Corpse and Slayer it's quite ideal ), and Drop D. One of these days I'm getting a 7 string and I will just keep it in Drop A.
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Old 2005-03-14, 23:33
McCalister999 McCalister999 is offline
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I use drop D sometimes mostly because I started writing a song, but then realized that with the key it was in I needed to drop it (or transpose it higher and make it sound like balls) but I prefer to use standard mostly because.. well... it's standard!
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Old 2005-03-30, 17:42
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i use Eb and standerd... i can get all ('all' meaning 'most of') the lower notes with bar chords...
and plus i can get higher notes than if i tuned down
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