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Old 2003-11-16, 10:07
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Thumbs up Spector Basses

Over the past few months ive been looking at basses, not because im dis-satisfied with my current bass, but because i just need a change, Ive been mainly looking at a lot of spector basses, since there my style, shape, headstock, and tone, but people are always mentioning how expensive they are, ive looked on a local music shop website 'Sound Control' which is based in the uk, a city near me called Bristol and ive found they specialise in a range of quite a few Spector basses:

There is a spector NS 5XL going for 2,800 pounds

And a Performer 4(Metallic Blue): 239.00

So obviously i will be going for the cheaper price, but why is there such a big difference in spector basses when it comes to price.

Who owns a spector bass here, and how much did theres cost, please post your Pics

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Old 2003-11-16, 10:11
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I've played a spector once, it was the shit. pretty fucking expensive though, Rex Brown (pantera) plays a spector too, he has a cool tone...

the one I played was a Spector Rex-4 USA Neck-Thru Series Bass..... expensive, but kickasssssss
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Old 2003-11-17, 06:19
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Spector's got three seiries. The USA series, which is fucking expensive the europe series, it's about 2000 Euros and i think made in teh Czech republic and the Japan series or Korea, i don't know, which is about 500 Euros.
I've got one from the "asia"-series. It has a really nice tone, unamplified, too. I've got an active EQ and EMG HZ-Humbuckers. I'm satisfied with this bass. They just didn't fix one poti right and the bridge is in some way complicated to fix, but i think that you'll fix the bridge not often.

I've got this one, It's from the proffesional series.

Ahh, i see you'll get with the Perfomer4 another bridge and other PU's and another body-wood.
But i think the shaping is the same. And this is really nice. I love the neck of my spector. It's really thin, but a bit weak.
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Old 2004-03-10, 18:42
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Spector basses vary in price range because of how they are made. I have a neckthru spector ns2000/4 bass...Possibly the greatest bass I have ever played. Nice neck, nice action, nice tone, fast fucking neck...It's just insane.
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Old 2004-03-16, 06:44
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Rex Brown ... whats he do now? Just play Spectors for fun?
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Old 2004-06-03, 19:27
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I play a Spector NS2000/4 neckthru. PLays like a fuckin' dream, gives me that nice growl for my lows, nice punchy mids, and twangy highs. Just the way I like it. The bass was definetely worth the money I paid for it.
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Old 2004-06-03, 20:14
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Originally Posted by pure_0xygen
Rex Brown ... whats he do now? Just play Spectors for fun?

yes... in Crowbar
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And pass the cemetery gates"

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