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Old 2004-05-17, 18:53
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Triad fun

Ok, so every scale has a set of chords unique to that scale. We find those chords by using every other interval, in groups of 3. So the C major scale will have an interval structure of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7(c d e f g a b). So if we break it down into triads it goes something like this.

1-3-5 = C E G = Cminor
2-4-6 = D F A = Dminor
3-5-7 = E G B = Eminor
4-6-1 = F A C = Fmajor
5-7-2 = G B D = Gmajor
6-1-3 = A C E = Aminor
7-2-4 = B D F = Bm-5

This can be done with any scale, below let's look at the C harmonic minor 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-7 (C D Eb F G Ab B)

1-b3-5 = C Eb G = Cminor
2-4-b6 = D F Ab = Dm-5
b3-5-7 = Eb G B = D# aug
4-b6-1 = F Ab C = Fminor
5-7-2 = G B D = Gmajor
b6-1-b3 = Ab C Eb = G#major
7-2-4 = B D F = Bm-5

Don't worry about the nomanclature right away, it's the sounds that are important. Try coming up with some progressions this way out of a scale you normally don't normally use.
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