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Old 2004-01-14, 19:49
mctriple mctriple is offline
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somebody mentioned ph's as difficult on a gibson.. my gibson rocks with them. zakk wylde plays a gibson, and he's very well known for his ph squeals.

anyway, basically focus on where you're picking. make it 1/2, 1/3 or 1/6 of the distance from the fret to the bridge. 1/2 is a good rule when playing high notes, but lower on the neck you'll want 1/3 or 1/6 since you don't want to be picking notes on the fretboard, ya know?

the easy part is getting it to sound out once you found the sweet spot. just touch the string at all and it'll "pinch" the vibration, silencing the dominant harmonic sound and allowing the squeal sounds. doesn't matter how you do it.. just touching it somehow. so basically, finding a way that your thumb hits the string is the best, since you don't have to change much at all from your normal ways of picking.

the easiest way to get a hang of these is to use your ring finger.. maybe only for 5 minutes, though. just until you get comfortable with seeing how where you pick really does make a difference. there's a pretty small window of area. so just fret a note and try picking all around (with tons of distortion) and you'll get it. then try it with your thumb. voila.

should take 15 minutes to get the hang of.. then much, much more practice to be able to throw in squeals at will in a solo, heh.. that's the hard part.
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Old 2004-02-01, 01:07
Orion 1349 Orion 1349 is offline
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I used to have a problem with that too.
the only thing I can say is find yourself a riff with ah\ph on the deeper strings and practice on that.
heres a good one from the live version of crazy train
pm . . . . . . . .

pm . . . .

practice on that and you should be able to do great ph on the deeper strings in no time.

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Old 2004-02-10, 12:04
freek666's Avatar
freek666 freek666 is offline
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Once you get pinch harmonics down, they become one of the easist things to do. make sure no strings are ringing or you'll get a muffled harmonic all you do when you pinch a harmonic is your reducing the string to half of it's wavelenth by muffling it a bit with your finger.

also, it helps to vibrato it to because a regular pinch sounds weird. the easies string to pinch on has got to be the 4th string because it's like neutral. it's not to thick and not to thin. pinches like a charm.

the thick strings will need more touching with your thumb to muffle their wavelength, unless you have thin strings. thicker guage strings, i've seen gives a better harmonic response because of the higher tension, and they will sustain longer. but the thick strings are a bitch to pinch and give a good vibrato, unless you have strong fingers.

thin strings are a plain bitch because it is incredibly easy to muffle out the entire wavelength of the you have to be delicate with them. but once a pinch os going, and you vibrato it, it will ring for a LONG time.

I hope this helps all of you. i know it helped one of my friends, cuz now he can play pinches too.

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Old 2004-02-18, 22:58
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I like playing the riff to Demoniacal Possession, Old Man's Child...that's a good song to practice pinch harmonics with. Especially because you have to go from a palm mute to a pinch quickly.
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Old 2004-02-28, 15:31
BestialWarrior's Avatar
BestialWarrior BestialWarrior is offline
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I've got to the level where I can do harmonics from anywhere on the guitar from the bridge to up and down the fretboard. I don't have it posted anywhere and don't have the song downloaded, but I have a tune called "Behind the Light" in which during the middle of the tune, I have a slow section where I use pinch harmonics with my right palm and pick at the 15th and 16th fret on the G string at with my left finger on the 3rd fret. And I just keep altering my picking between the 15th and 16th frets. I've caught many guitarists/other band members attention when doing this live. Of course they say..."How the hell you do that? Just practice with time man...
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Old 2004-03-16, 01:24
seraphym's Avatar
seraphym seraphym is offline
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About the Gibson's PH response I think it just depends on the guitar. I have 2 gibsons in the house. Les Paul and SG. The Les Paul's AH response is much better than the SG. The settings on both guitars is excellent, truss rod, string height, pickup height, etc. New strings. But still, the Les paul has better response. I think sometimes the guitar just won't have a good response to something. You can't control it. However the Neck on the Les Paul is thinner than the SG neck, so I do find it easier to play since I have average size hands.
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Old 2004-03-27, 21:34
VitalRemains VitalRemains is offline
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For some reason i can do pinch harmonics easily on the 3 thicker strings but on the high e, b, and g they always sound dead... anyone know why?
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Old 2004-03-28, 12:46
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johnmansley johnmansley is offline
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Yeah I tended to find that happening, especially on the e string. But I corrected it by altering my hand position. Most people will keep there hand in roughly the same place and just tilt it as they progress to the bottom three strings. I just moved my hand down to follow my playing and it seemed to correct the problem you described.

If this doesn't work try picking the string at a slight angle, ie, don't keep the pick parallel to the length of the string. This is hard to explain but it works for me. Remember there are also 'sweet' points (the distance from the bridge at which you pick the string) at which artificial harmonics become easier to play.

I hope you find this useful.
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Old 2004-04-25, 14:44
Frank_The_Tank Frank_The_Tank is offline
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Well for the pinch harmonics I can describe how to do it in one sentence. Pick the notes and catch it with the side of your thumb all in one stroke. Not hard, only took me a week to get perfect. Try tap harmonics, and try not to mute them. I perfected that in 2 weeks.
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Old 2004-04-25, 14:58
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Old 2004-05-01, 16:36
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Angelic Celestia Angelic Celestia is offline
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Originally Posted by memnoch
Natural harmonics ring alone and can sound very loud.

Pinch Harmonics sound close to natural ones, but it's more of a squeal type sound. Also you can do a pinch harmonic on just about any fret on the guitar......natural harmonics only occur at certain places.

Also, I've found that where you get the natural harmonics also happen to be the "sweet spots" for pinch harmonics - just right for the sickest squeals.
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Old 2004-05-07, 07:03
ShreddingSkin04 ShreddingSkin04 is offline
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Three ways to get P.H.'s

The most common way is the thumb close to the edge of the pick method. Another one you can use is what I call the "Nuno Bettencourt" method, since hes the first person Ive heard of using it. You lead in with your pointer finger, gently touching the string. Then you pick the note with your middle finger and thumb. That always works for me. Another way to get harmonics on the treble strings is to upstroke it with your middle finger a little past the endge of the pick. Works the other way too, but that ones most comfortable to me.
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Old 2004-05-14, 11:14
Hopkins-WFG Hopkins-WFG is offline
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Dunno if anyone posted this yet.

Heres a cool trick...

Sound a natural harm right in front of the 3rd fret on the bottom E, slightly in front of the fret, give it a coupla millisecs to form then quickly and gently press your freting finger into the fret and give it some trem whacking. Sounds hella cool, one of Zakk's tricks I was told by the guy that taught me it.
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Old 2004-07-15, 09:00
obrien20's Avatar
obrien20 obrien20 is offline
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hey Man, Ask Zakk Wylde to teach you, see him live, his pinch's just get to annoy me sometimes, but, dont get me wrong, he is the man....

Try Pinch bends, it is cool too....ask that to Zakk too....hehehe...

cheers headbangers....

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Old 2004-08-12, 10:50
Depraved Depraved is offline
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What you dont need distortion to do squels. You're crazy i can do them with out distortion. It just sounds way more kick ass when you have distortion.
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Old 2004-08-12, 12:34
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Yeah of course you can do them with distortion. it just sound not as cool.
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Old 2004-08-18, 21:41
therunnerman therunnerman is offline
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i've watched endless clips of guitarists in various bands playing pinch harmonics, i've studied guides online, and asked friends on how to do it...i've finally got it down, here's how i do it.

fret the note normally. nothing different goes down on the left hand. pinch harmonics are all on the right hand.

check out your hand thats holding the pick. take a look at your thumb. move your thumb down the pick, closer to the tip, so the tip of your thumb just barely reaches past the tip of the pick. now, the idea behind the pinch harmonic is to have the pick strike the string and then have your thumb hit it afterwards. of course, your thumb is so close to the pick that you cant hear any difference, but make sure your thumb is behind the pick and the pick strikes first. things NOT to do: hit the string with your thumb first (why in hell you would do that is beyond me...), don't strike the string and then touch the string with another finger, this is TOO SLOW. you should be able to pinch harmonic as fats as you can normally do downstrokes once you master it. doing a whole stirke string then touch strng with another finger is not only wrong, but slow.

THINSG TO DO: only the tip of your thumb brushes the string. you know from doing regular harmonics that it take only a very light pressure to make a harmonic go, so try to apply the same pressure with the brushing of the thumb on a pinch harmonic.

PEOPLE WILL SAY that you should ta a striong with your middle finger. i'm sporry, this is bullshit. watch any video of someone doing pinches and you see no difference between a regular downstroke and a pinch harmonic. its all in the thumb behind the pick. play around a bit, crank the gain on your amp, and you'll get it. its not too hard. without an amp, pinches are nearly in audible.

good luck
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Old 2004-08-24, 16:24
metalmilitia metalmilitia is offline
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Question Sleepless???

Hi, Can anybody help me??? how can i do the anathema´s sleepless song, you know to get the same sound of the song, the fx and the PH
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Old 2004-08-28, 14:39
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Old 2004-08-29, 16:41
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It is well explained here, about.. 96 times
Good job.

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