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Old 2003-11-19, 21:48
cradletodeprave cradletodeprave is offline
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Kissing the shadows - children of bodom solo

can someone listen to kissing the shadows by children of bodom.. go to 3:27-3:30 and tell me what that technique is? i have nooo idea.. i thought it was a trill, but i could be wrong.. and maybe someone could explain how to do it.. thanks guys
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Old 2003-11-19, 21:57
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hes just fucking around with his whammy bar...
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Old 2003-11-19, 22:36
atifman atifman is offline
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it's called a whammy bar trick called a flutter, or warble

you need a floating tremolo.
2 ways to do it, one with your whammy pointing to the fretboard or away. they both pretty much sound the same, it's easier to do pointing away.

when it's pointing away, depress the whammy bar a bit (to make the note sharp), and then let go of the bar quickly, letting the bar snap back. the bar will bounce back and forth really quickly making that strange but really awesome noise. i love doing it, it's great to use in the climax of the solo.
this works best on the G string, as do most whammy bar tricks.
Steve Vai does it all the time.
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Old 2004-05-08, 02:51
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Old 2004-05-08, 20:09
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yea he uses the whammy bar, also it sounds like hes bending the note quickly... or maybe its another whammy trick. Thats one of my faveorite solos on that album.
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