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Old 2003-04-22, 15:09
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Emperor was allso greate (I will never talk shit about swedish metal agine..)
Originally Posted by deMANUfacture
Avril lavigne - sk8ter boi

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Old 2003-04-22, 16:32
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It'd be cool if someone could write a small review.
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Old 2003-04-23, 01:20
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How the bands was? I can write some lines about some of them.
The lines may be shorter when I has writen for a while

Day one:
1349: I was not at the festival when they played... I haddent time to come down that early. But I've heard they was great. Frost, who broke his ankle, could barely walk but played anyway.

Belphegor: They shouldn't played at all... The drums played to loud and the guitars were monoton. All you heard was the drums and two grumsy guitars. All the songs sonded the same. They may be good at CD, but not live.

Entombed: I was unhappy with Belphegor, and thought "what da fuck is this?" when I saw the band. One of the guitarists looked like a skater/skaterocker, and the bassist had the same bass and same hair style as the bassist in queens of the stone age... But they was great. IMO one of the best bands. They realy played well.

Vader: Well... It took a while before they got at stage, it damaged my moude, but not to mutch. They played well, but it was to mutch walking of and on stage. they got of stage 3 or 4 times in the single hour they played! They havent heard about they had to walk a lot towards theyre amps and tune the settings.
Drums where good. The first dubble bassdrums I've saw at festival. The guitar solos was very tecknical, and probaly hard to play, but they lacked a kind of power. Great band.

Kovenant: Well... The preformance was bether than I thought it would be.(After the disaster at Quart in 99... ) Some real melodic metal was good after a long day with no keys. They old songs they played where no doubt the best, but hey! I don't care if S.E:T.I sucks.... becouse it was what they played that counted. They could used more of that "persian Woman" song in Jiihad, but it was ok...
I talked to someone who was friends with Nagash and rest of Kovenant, and they said the reason of S.E.T.I was making a real lot of money... I do understand them in a way, and Kovenant has headed that way a long time a go anyway.
They dropped the solos in the old songs, and it wasn't any in the newones... The new guitarist didn't manage to play Astennus solos? They arent that hard . They used beats and syntheziser a litle to mutch, but it was good preformanse anyway. Nagash, or Lex Icon, was also a litle ironical about themself.

Day two:

Sirena: I wasn't there wen they palyed... Here is somthing I pasted from inferno's homepage:
SIRENIA plays a mixture of gothic metal and rock with classical influences, as well as black and death metal elements. Their soundscapes have solid basis in the powerful drums and bass that are arranged in a very dynamic and progressive way and supported by powerful rhythm guitars, dressed with atmospheric keyboards and spiced with melancholic violins and 12-string guitars. The different vocals brought to life are many. The band makes of growls, screams, female vocals, (3 different) clean male vocals, choirs, whispers and samples. The songs are very intense and the atmosphere changes frequently. The lyrics are based on reflections on life, death, love, hate, and mental decline in general.
I dont know what this is...

Ragnarok: I was a litle late this day, and I just got a few minutes with this band. What I heard sounded great.

Red Harvest: Good old rockers. One of the bands from the 80's. Good preformance, but the drums was not so good, but thats not to blame becouse they had to take them acoustic.(Not digital). They were skilled, and played well though I got a litle tired about the vocals "dely-voice".

Opeth: IMO not so good... To light... and some balad's. They used a lot of time getting on stage, somthing that piss me of. But they got good sound and it was probely great for those who likes Opeth.

Immortal: Thats realy my band . Great flameshow at stage, I standed as usual in front and it was huge! The preformance was no doubt good. No wonder why they are caled one of the best live bands. One of my mates was totaly wild. He sais it's one of the best things he has ever experiensed. I would like to have them at Inferno next year

day 3:
I was not there... Didn't get 3 day passes. (dumb me...) But after two days I was very tired, so it was ok. I lost Children of bothom, but I don't like em mutch enyway...

The festival was a sucsess! It may not sounds like it in my discription, but I'm not a entustiastic guy...(I mean, I like it, but I dont show it.)

Some fools trew beer glasses from the galery(in plastic fortunaly...), but none other problems IMO.
Originally Posted by deMANUfacture
Avril lavigne - sk8ter boi

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