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Old 2006-01-06, 12:16
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Originally Posted by Bones98
Anyone know any good fast and brutal death metal bands with jazz fusion?

I believe the term is Göthenberg metal. It originated in Sweden. At the gates is a prime example of this blending of styles. Pre-slaughter of the soul anyway, that is, before they signed to a larger record label and started producing cut rate metal.
Other than metal bands using Dorian and major jazz scales, I think Braceface is kind of experimental fusion metal. Ritual space travel agency is good too. Tom Waits would have adopted this genre had he come around a few decades later. On a different note, Tom Waits was in the movie coffee and cigarettes. He was in a bar talking to Iggy Pop.
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Old 2006-01-06, 12:23
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Iggy Pop. Not David Bowie. And Tom Waits has been in a lot of movies.

And Gothenburg isn't exactly jazz fusion, or even jazzy.
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Old 2006-01-07, 10:44
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Originally Posted by PST 88
Iggy Pop. Not David Bowie. And Tom Waits has been in a lot of movies.

And Gothenburg isn't exactly jazz fusion, or even jazzy.

Thats what i was thinking.. Gothenburg aint what i asked for. LOL.

I'm looking for something like Sleep Terror, Gorguts, Dissection, and other stuff.
I suck at guitar.
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