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Old 2006-11-13, 21:48
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7Stringers Guitar

i have played 6 string guitars for a while with fixed bridges.
Im interested in getting a new guit and thus the thread subject.
Is it a difficult crossover from 6 string to seven? iam probably just being a lazy bastard about tuning down but, i am interested int the idea of seven strings
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Old 2006-11-13, 21:52
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Nope. As long as you can play the 6 strings you have. One problem is though when you try to hit like chords that you're use to on a 6 string sometimes you'll end up using that bottom string; at first anyway.
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Old 2006-11-14, 03:57
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You should have fucking searched, douchebag. I made a thread ages ago, on what 7 string to buy, look at it, because I evaluated many big brands objectively and subjectively. This is it:

Yeah depends on how much you fuck around. If you swing your arm ferociously while playing chords, you'll find it hard to be precise with the strings you pluck.
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