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Old 2005-11-22, 16:12
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Originally Posted by deifiler
Simple solution is to learn EVERYTHING! But while I have grass, it ain't gunna fuckin happen.

Amen, brother
Like a drug it feeds the imagination of minds that go unparalyzed
Followers to the leaders of mass hypnotic corruption
That live their lives only to criticize
Where is the invisible line that we must draw to create individual thought?

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Old 2006-08-28, 11:26
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Originally Posted by John Holland
Well, now that the thread is hopelessly revived, I guess it won't hurt to talk about mastering the guitar now, will it

Basically what I'm working on right now is memorizing EVERY note on the fretboard. Of course I do know where every note is, but I want to look at the guitar as if it were a piano, knowing every note under my fingertips as I play, and comprehending it all in real-time ( my theory is that it will enable me to thoroughly assess 'interval algorythms', my word for 'scales', in real-time and finally understand the instrument as the greats do ). I don't know about you, but its proving quite a challenge for me.

Sorry all when I "rezerected this thread." I'm a newbie at this stuff and didn't know the difference when I was reading through the threads.

John, The book I was mentioning has a free introduction... Follow the method in the introduction and you will know all the notes by site within a week or two. Here's a link to the introduction. You can download it to your computer and print it out for reference...

BEAD Guitar

Good luck with the notes...

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Old 2006-08-28, 11:30
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Originally Posted by Ian
...I was in High School and I could out finger everyone including the teacher)

I'm sorry, but this is just rude. Did the teacher get arrested?
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