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Old 2002-09-16, 17:46
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bucket-truck, grimskunk?

hey, i was wondering if any of you (canadians) have heard these bands?
buckettruck are a band from newfoundland that are kind of heavy.
and grimskunk are a punk/ska/rock type band from quebec.
I saw them the otherday and i liked them, though grimskunk are a lot heavier live.

I got to see the rascalz too. (they were actually pretty good....don't bother with the anti-rap bullshit, i don't wanna hear it).
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Old 2002-09-16, 19:14
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ive got most of grimskunk's cds...and saw them live
theyre really nice
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Old 2002-09-17, 01:44
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I've heard of grimskunk. Never bothered listening to anything though because i absolutely hate punk/ska music. (don't bother with i'm an idiot for not liking different styles of music....i don't wanna hear it)
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Old 2002-09-17, 06:03
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youre an idiot for not liking different styles of mu...*gets struck by lightning*
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