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Old 2003-08-08, 11:53
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fuck off evanescence is a non-metal band that i choose to like!
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Old 2004-03-14, 01:05
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angela from arch enemy!
and Liv Kristina from thetre of tragedy...
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Old 2004-03-14, 01:10
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Rachel From Sinister!

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Old 2004-03-14, 09:30
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Angela from Arch Enemy is the only one that comes to mind.

on a more classical note, the chick from Nightwish (can't remember the name right now).
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Old 2004-03-14, 16:24
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I don't own an album with a single female musician or vocalist featuring on it. I agree with Memnoch's earlier posts, female growlers just don't appeal to me as, in my opinion, they can't do it as well as their male counterparts. I don't think Angela Gossow can compare to Lord Worm or any of the Nile guys for example.

Female death metal musicians in general don't appeal to me because women just don't embody brutality as well as men. I think this is probably down to the fact that men tend to be physically stronger than women and so are more likely to be able to play faster and harder and to produce a deeper growl when they sing.

However, if a woman feels she can do a good job in DM good luck to her. I more than likely wont like it, but there are probably a whole bunch of people who will like it so who am I to begrudge those people of their enjoyment?
Album of the day:

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Old 2004-03-14, 17:42
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Sinister is the only female vocalist that can compare to the greats.
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