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Old 2003-07-13, 22:17
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go to musicians friend and get a bronze series warlock for way cheaper than the kramer. since you ll have money left over, go get some EMG active pick ups for it. trust me you'll fall in love with it.

click me!

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Old 2003-07-16, 19:55
Nigromante Nigromante is offline
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hey dude save your money!

save some more money and get a jackson instead of that crapy kramer.
that guitar seems to be a pretty low quality guitar especially the brigde.
think about it.
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Old 2003-07-17, 02:18
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EVH plays kramer...he even made a guitar with them called woolfgang named after his son.
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Old 2003-07-17, 04:04
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EVH plays peavey. The guitar you just said is a peavey guitar.
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Old 2003-07-17, 12:06
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EVH originally played Kramer (remember the Frankenstrat?) and Marshalls (the 1987 Plexis)

He played Soldano SLO100s for a while (with Kramers), then switched to exclusively Peaveys, and has been using Peavey exclusively ever since (which does include the Wolfgang guitar... AFAIK, there was no wolfgang with Kramer).

While he does use Peavey now, nearly all of his work (99% of it) was recorded with Kramers and Marshalls. Of course, Kramer's changed as a company since those days too...
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