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Old 2005-04-15, 04:52
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Originally Posted by andrewc
dillinger escape plan - irony is a dead scene. this album reminded me that metal music is like dating a porn star: not COMPLETELY constructed of just good bits. you get shit like this pressed on cd, i may as well have just gone down to the block of units they're building down the street from me, only difference being that the construction site would be more organised.

DEP are organised much in the same way that order and intermittance arise out of chaos theory: it seems random but there is an underlying structure and method behind it.

Persevere and you shall be rewarded.
Album of the day:

Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn
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Old 2005-04-15, 19:01
ShredIsNotDead ShredIsNotDead is offline
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I just bought Human and Individual thought Patterns by Death (Symbolic is on its way) and I believe ITP has changed my life. God damn that is a great album.
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Old 2005-04-15, 19:18
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right on man! ITP is fucking amazing. Human and symbolic are equally amazing, though Symbolic is my favorite.

and, +1 for you signature.
rock on.
This is my signature.
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Old 2005-04-17, 09:03
bervillefreak bervillefreak is offline
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Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Pantera-Cowboys From Hell
Lamb Of God-As The Palaces Burn
Killswitch Engage-End Of Heartache
Amon Amarth-Fate Of Norns
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Old 2005-04-26, 08:32
awol05 awol05 is offline
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Red face

Originally Posted by panterafan
Well. What are some?

Metallica-s&m has changed my life.
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Old 2005-04-26, 09:58
inhuman666 inhuman666 is offline
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SUFFOCATION - Effigy of the Forgotten
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Old 2005-04-26, 15:46
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Metallica - Kill 'em All | got me into speedy thrash metal
COB - Follow The Reaper | made me realize the immense melodic fundamentals that metal can have
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power | Opened my eyes to the power groove
Slayer - Reign In Blood | Turned me from a boy to a man, found chaos
Slipknot - Slipknot | Opened me up to choppy time sigs and riff patterns, also showed me how dissonance = harmony.
R.I.P. Dimebag
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Old 2005-04-26, 17:05
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"Chaosphere" - Meshuggah
"In The Eyes Of God" - Today Is The Day
"Lateralus" - Tool
Morbid Angel's Discography

Last edited by John Holland : 2005-04-26 at 19:40.
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Old 2005-04-26, 17:24
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Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimentions
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Old 2005-04-26, 18:41
cw4119's Avatar
cw4119 cw4119 is offline
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Morbid Angel - Gateways to Annihilation

Brought me into death metal

Hell, Morbid angel brought me into metal itself

Last edited by cw4119 : 2005-04-26 at 19:13. Reason: forgot, morbid angel also brought me into metal itself
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Old 2005-04-26, 23:12
AbbathGS AbbathGS is offline
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Emperor - Anthems
Cynic - Focus

Most of all:

Yes - Close to the Edge (not metal, but oh so much more important.)
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Old 2005-04-27, 19:04
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Jamento Jamento is offline
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Well a strange sequence of events occured that turned me towards wanting to listen to Black metal... I suppose you could say satan was out to get me.

1. The first thing, my friend sends me a link to one of those stupid things that shows you a bunch of crap about subliminal messages, and the last one is "Turn up the volume and listen to the message hidden in this Cradle of Filth track". It was the lords prayer backwards but I can barely hear it so I turn it up some more, then BAM! it was one of those fucking things where it makes you jump out of your skull because something screamed really loud accompanied by some sort of image... which I was about 3 inches from (trying to hear what the fuck was going on) Then some cradle song punched on, I was immedietly intrigued and listened to the whole thing. Twas Swoit.

2. I go to my t.v. now in the mood for more metal songs, So I turn to channel 410 which on time warner cable is the 'all the time' metal on your t.v. station and WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Cradle of filth was playing, I forget what album it was and what song but within that same week I went out and bought Midian.

...The next week I bought Damnation and a day...

a couple months later I bought Nymphetamine...

the day after I bought Nymphetamine I saw them live in clevland with arch enemy and mudvayne (aparanatly). They are definitly better live. And the day after that I forced myself to remember how to scream like a girl back in 6th grade... 20 minutes later I could do it. now I do it all the time... scream like a girl that is.

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Old 2005-04-27, 20:03
blizzard_beast blizzard_beast is offline
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Don't worry dude, you'll outgrow it.
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Old 2005-05-02, 04:41
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this DC local band reflux before they got signed to prosthetic. it was the first time i had ever heard sweps n technique shit. i was blown away and picked up this john petrucci dvd "rock discapline" and started practicing every day for hours.
eat a dick-pat
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