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Old 2009-01-08, 20:46
Slash181 Slash181 is offline
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fuck! :@

hey after reading all the pages and watchin the cross dvd and listening to screamers.....everyone is contradicting everyone else. so this came to a conclusion in my head - everybodys throats are different, different techniques work for some but not for others, everyone can scream just different pitches n tones.
but ..... im in a band that wants me to scream, now im aiming for more of a corey scream (the knot) i used to have it when i was sitting down in front of my moniter screamin hell into it doin tracks like the rich man - roadrunner united. and over the last year ive lost or cant remember what i did. im not sure if i just drank lots of room temp coke, cuz when i drink water my throat doesnt feel coated or hydrated at all. so quite recently ive been practicing and its there sometimes but its not there otheres so this is where i go onto breathing and throat positions.....
people say let the air go into ur stomach and use that not ur diaphragm, some people say use ur diaphragm not ur chest, others say imagine the sound coming from ur larynx (just under adams apple) and im
maybe people could put alot of stuff right if we could kill cross cuz shes just a waste of time with the pencil idea, and find some proper people worth fuckin talkin to :@ i just wanna scream again
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Old 2009-01-17, 01:02
metalhead220 metalhead220 is offline
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u def need 2 scream using ur diaphram: breathing into your stomach and tensing ur for u be able 2 do the scream all the time it might b a matter of u warming up or not
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Old 2009-01-17, 15:47
ash2490 ash2490 is offline
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Originally Posted by Slash181
People say let the air go into ur stomach and use that not ur diaphragm, some people say use ur diaphragm not ur chest, others say imagine the sound coming from ur larynx (just under adams apple) and im

Assuming that people are discussing the same style of screaming, things probably aren't necessarily as contradictory as they might seem, it's just that people explain the same basic ideas in such different ways.

Take the above quote for example. You need to be breathing from the diaphragm no matter what. Properly breathing with the diaphragm means that the abdomen will expand during inhalation rather than the chest, and the abdomen will generally be the area you should push from when projecting your vocals. Breathing and projecting from the chest area will put a LOT more stress on the voice, will generate less power and sustain, and is in general one of the single worst things you can do with just about any kind of vocals.

While the power comes from the diaphragm, the sound itself will originate in either the vocal cords or the false vocal cords, which are both housed in the larynx.

Also, and this is just my opinion, it sounds like might be considering advice from too many different types of sources. For instance, the technique that Melissa Cross mainly focuses on with things like the pencil exercise is fry, which does have its place but is completely worthless for the kind of sound you want to achieve. As such, information regarding the technique shouldn't even be taken into account. If you make it a point to only focus on advice regarding the specific style you want to learn, you might not come across as much confilicting information.
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Old 2009-04-18, 14:25
Burnasembers99 Burnasembers99 is offline
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Wow, I have to say all the "advice" up here isn't all that good, though I won't point fingers.
First off, if you use your throat to scream, your gunna fuck that shit up REAL quick. You need to use your diaphragm, which if your not used to using it intentionally you have to practice muscle control for it. You also have to get into the habit of "picturing" your sound in your head, and picturing your throat like a hollow tube (trust me, it helps). The more your throat is closed off, the more you have to push to get the air out. The more you push, the more you strain your vocal chords and any spit in your throat will "gurgle" and can cause your throat to scrath and scar. As you can see, thats a BAD thing.
Avoid acidic things, like lemonade and soda. This should be self explanitory, acidic=acid acid=ow. Milk is debatable, Ive heard good things about it but I do fine without it. The few times I have used it, it just coats your throat for a few minutes and you can't tell by the feeling in your throat if your doing it right. And if your not and the coat wears off, its gunna hurt. Im not saying you shouldn't drink these things ever again, just not the days you practice by yourself or with your band, and definatly not during a show! Same goes for smoking and drinking alchohol. Im a smoker, but the day of practice I don't smoke until Im sure Im done screaming for the day.
Warm up. I know that sounds stupid, but your voice is your instrument, and you need to take care of it. Athletes can testify to warming up. Working with "cold" muscles can EASILY cause pulling muscles and other pains. You DONT want to pull the muscles in your throat, experiance can say, it fucking HURTS. Try warming up by singing, just do the "do re me fa so la te do" shit for a bit, and slowly try screaming it. You may sound ridiculous, but its just something to do to make things better. You can sing random songs, humming works in a pinch, or just going "EEEEYOW" a few times before you do it for practice can also work when your restrained for time. I usually spend about 15-20 minutes warming up, and it helps.
I suggest to just learn how to use your diaphragm to scream, NOT your throat. Look up on youtube "screaming vocal tips" and other related tags as well, and you can find alot of great help (as long as alot of shitty help). If any of them say "if it hurts your doing it right" then they are just fucking stupid. Though there IS a disclaimer for even that statement: There is a difference between pressure and pain.
You WANT pressure on your throat when your done as you just start practicing. It means your muscles are getting trained. Compare it like this: You ride a bike for the first time and you end up going quite a distance and back. Your legs feel tight. Same goes for screaming, though again make sure you pay attention to whats pain and whats pressure. Thats all I can say really.
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Old 2011-09-27, 16:20
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Vocal Distortion Demonstration By Robert Lunte & The Vocalist Studio

Robert J. Lunte I 800.269.9040
Voice Coach I Author/Producer I Artist : "rjlseagull"
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Old 2013-05-24, 15:55
Yescupon Yescupon is offline
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Nice details put up here cheers guys
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