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Old 2012-09-23, 20:31
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Hemdale - Delicious Gory Fun TAB

Hey, maybe someone out there might dig seeing this and the link to submit tabs is dead, nor do I have the access to start a thread in pending tabs.

Hemdale - "Delicious Gory Fun" In the Name of Gore (split CD w/ Exhumed 1996) G Tuning (G C F Bb D g) Riff A x 4 |---------------------|---------------------| |---------------------|---------------------| |---------------------|---------------------| |---------------------|---------------------| |-----------2222-1111-|---------------------| |-0000-1111-----------|-2222-2222-0000-4444-| Riff B x 4 |---------------------|-------------------------| |---------------------|-------------------------| |---------------------|-------------------------| |---------------------|-------------------------| |-----------8888------|------8888------10101010-| |-0000-7777------0000-|-7777------7777----------| Riff A x 4 Riff B x 4 Riff C x 6 |---------------------|------------------------------------| |---------------------|------------------------------------| |---------------------|------------------------------------| |---------------------|------------------------( 2nd end )-| |-----------5555-4444-|------------( 1st end )-(4444-4444)-| |-0000-3333-----------|-6666-5555--(3333-4444)-------------| Riff B x 4 Riff C x 4 END
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