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Old 2007-03-12, 17:07
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Dubai Desert Rock 2007

Junk Yard Groove
Considering a band from India opening a maiden show outside India. I couldn't help but feel kinda proud. Nice band, nice sweeps. But technical problems screwed their set up. But still the front man had a good attitude.
Good Music

Lauren Harris
She was there only because she is Steve Harris' daughter. The guitarist was a zakk wylde wannabe. Bassist looked KINDA like Alice Cooper. These were the only interesting things in this band.

Okay it was about time some good music started, and start it did.
These guys took some time to setup but as soon as they came on the stage they were a wall of sonic mayhem. The crowd got so stupidly eager to get close to the stage, that it felt like a fucking road roller going over you (okay exaggeration!!! guys!!!). Seriously it hurt less in the mosh pit than in the area between the pit and the barricade.
(The fact that they didn't play March Of The Fire Ants put me off a little)
Good music, Good fun.

In Flames
Okay i had high hopes for this band. And i wasn't disheartened. They came on stage to an unsuspecting audience as the overdub of Clouds Connected intro started to play.
This band broke most necks that night. And i actually saw an Indian chick tearing the mosh pit apart ALONE. Shit (Things like these make me a proud Indian)

Stone Sour

The Prodigy
RAVE MUSIC NEEDS HALLUCINOGENS.. But not for the chicks in Dubai. Who actually went crazy during their set.. Spotted a lot of make out sessions. Coming to the music, great sound (except the bass which was a little too loud). But the highlight was the stage setup. Got everyone in the mood to RAVE.

They were fucking GODS. They started off with some songs from the latest album. Then did what they haven't done for a long time...They played oldies. Music was Perfect. They got a huge battle tank on the stage, through which eddy's head popped out and smoke started coming out of the turret. Also a 20 feet eddy (robot) made its appearance and shot the band members...After playing some classics(Fear of the Dark, Run to the Hills, etc) they went off.
But Dubai wouldn't have it so easy...Repeated requests of "WE WANT MORE" and chants of "IRON FUCKING MAIDEN" made the band come back and finish off with three bonus songs...2 Minutes to Midnight, (1 i forgot the title), and Hallowed Be Thy Name.
I have never shouted out the lyrics to ANY song or heard the public hymn the fear of the dark melody so LOUD ever before.. EVER.
To conclude...


Funniest thing i saw there was these bunch of Iranian guys had gotten a Iran flag and had written IRAN MAIDEN on it...GENIUS
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