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Old 2005-06-23, 16:20
Casketcrusher Casketcrusher is offline
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I really like Dave's voice on Killing Is My Bussiness-Rust In Peace but that is as far as I go with Megadeth. Although his voice does sound girly and cheesy it fits the music. But I'm sure most of the 80's metal bands sound like girls anyway.

Funny story: My friend is the lead singer/guitarist for a thrash metal band. Everyone in the band likes different styles. He (like myself) likes Thrash, Death, and Gridcore. However no one else in the band is crazy about Death Metal or Grind so he decided to sing thrashy. Well he played one show and started to sing like a classic thrash singer (well like Dave anyway) and it sounded really cheesy. So everyone agreed that he should just sing Death vocals since he can't do high vocals (Kreator, Exodus ect) So now the band sounds like Iced Earth meets Opeth meets Slayer meets Bloodbath.

Just an odd fact that if any new band came out and tried to do Dave's voice people would'nt take it seriously.
"I miss the days when it was acceptable to listen to everything."
-Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P)

Truer words were never spoken.
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Old 2005-06-24, 06:11
7-string warlord's Avatar
7-string warlord 7-string warlord is offline
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I think he was lip-synching on rude awakening, it looks like it on a couple of the songs.
Originally Posted by Paddy
Man oh man I'm in the mood for some meat right about now, so much so that I don't even care how implicitly gay this sentence is.

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Old 2005-06-24, 09:57
Cheese Co's Avatar
Cheese Co Cheese Co is offline
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Originally Posted by shimbolla
What a shame. I attack Dave Mustaine and you attack me. Personal attacks are just stupid on this board.
And by "gay", we mean "lame" or "dumb", not homosexual.
And dear lord. "You sexually insecure child"? Fuck. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on this. Good holy hell. Those mods are right. This does turn into a day-care center.
And please, don't reply with more insults or pissy hissy fits. Do you not remember The Golden Rule ??
Good day.

Dude, actually that was perfectly fine what he said. He had a perfectly good reason. Gay does not mean 'lame' or 'dumb' no matter how much you want it to be. Personal attacks are much more intimate than that like for instance me telling someone to fuck a tree because their mom rapes them up the ass with a spoon and that i hope they rott in hell. Not just calling you a sexually insecure child.
In the process of him insulting you, you indirectly ((but directly) which makes no sense, but see if i give a shit) insulted him by calling it a Day-Care center, implying that he was a child. Ok, so apparently you arent the perfect angel that you had though.

But back on topic... Mustaine doesnt sound girly, he sounds like he has a unique voce, which is rare (nowadays atleast). It is different, god forbid we should get some variety in this world. Cheesey, sometimes... but still unique. I personally love his voice, when i first heard it, i was like 'Wow, this guy must be getting his balls grabbed' but honestly, it grew on me.
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Old 2005-06-24, 10:37
Soeru's Avatar
Soeru Soeru is offline
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Originally Posted by Cheese Co
In the process of him insulting you, you indirectly insulted him by calling it a Day-Care center, implying that he was a child.

That did seem more directed to the forumers as a whole...

Funny how you call this a day care center considering the nature and content of your last 2 posts, shimbolla.

Back on subject. I didn't know Mustaine did lip-synching on the DVD... it wasn´t on all the songs was it? I've seen some other live performances and he does do it nicely -in fact better than what he does on the DVD.

Last edited by Soeru : 2005-06-24 at 10:43.
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Old 2005-06-24, 16:54
shimbolla shimbolla is offline
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Dear heavens. A mod had called it a daycare center in a previous thread. That was my little "pun".


The mistake I made was taking it seriously. Then, after I blew something out of proportion, other people did as well. My fault. I tell people how much they should be able to take an insult, and I've shown in this thread how I, too, am human. Sorry for the pussy fight. Hope we're still on for tonight.
Your Truly,
Your Biological Father
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Old 2005-06-24, 17:15
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1 more, i repeat ONE MORE off-topic shit and this thread gets it
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Old 2005-06-24, 17:17
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Mustaine is a Metal GOD!
Authorized Mercury Magnetics tech/dealer
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Old 2005-06-30, 13:29
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Zertonshfits Zertonshfits is offline
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Megadeth is real fast, real good thrash and Mustaine's vocs fit the band very well... now if he could stop obeying the damn church...
Originally Posted by IlikeRiffseveryone
im 50 percent irish and 100 percent pain. (SHAKE DOWN!!!!)

Canadian Brutal Death (So you know it's good)

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