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Old 2004-02-28, 16:37
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go 13-18-28-40-50-60, that is a perfect set for tuning to B
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Old 2004-02-28, 22:56
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how about
52, 42, 32, 24, 16, 11

if anyone knows what morbid angel's guitar players use let me know
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Old 2004-02-29, 02:24
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I suggest you go with nothing lower than .56. Also the bigger the strings, the thicker the sound. If you like to play rich meaty power chords, larger strings are the go but if you tend to shred/alternate pick a lot, thicker strings will slow you down.
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Old 2004-02-29, 02:48
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just get any 7 string set and use all but the highest string
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Old 2004-03-29, 11:50
Machines_Of_Hate Machines_Of_Hate is offline
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my 7-string

I use Gauge 009. 011. 018. 027. 035. 047. and a 058 for my 7-th

it gives the guiitar strings alot of flexability while soloing allowing them high bends, and the 058 sounds beefy as it is through my Ibanez giving it a clear cut through for my low end power chords, (Perfect for Meshuggah)
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Old 2004-04-04, 08:12
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10's on my Ibanez for standard tuning, 13's on my Warlock for C tuning, and 9's with a 56 on the bottom for my 7-string.

D'Addarios on all.
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Old 2004-04-04, 09:11
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I think it's good
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Old 2004-04-19, 00:05
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i used to use 13's for c-standard tuning, but now i use 11's and i tune to e

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