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[QUOTE]Originally posted by powersofterror
[B]Do you believe in atoms?

Ok, so I dont know how to explain the few "beliefs" I have.
Like....take......"God".....everyone has theories of what "he" did or whatever, but no one knows FOR SURE if "he" even exists.
I....dont believe in anything.....which I have a hard time explaining, mostly because people are then like "so you believe in the power of nothingness" and then I dont know what to say. So they told me to say "I dont know what to believe in"....but that just makes me sound confused.

I WANT people to understand that.....I dont debate it. I mean, its completely stupid to since NO ONE KNOWS for sure. So....I mean....I think about stuff like that all the time...but I have no set beliefs......

Anyone got a term for that?
I used to come here a lot.
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