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heh heh You want ME to read a lot? Here's what happens when you do that.
1- Sounds like Court of the Crimson King, good imagery, good beginning
2-Would be nice done like Scorpions-Send me an angel , I like the reps
3-I think this is my favorite because of the imagery. It's got a good painted picture. Good descriptions. I especially liked the 2nd verse
4- Zeppelin-No Quarter-like Simplicity in line, frigid feeling, that's why I said it sounded like that. It reads cold.
5- Whoa, that was cool, too. I got a verse reading from that one with something playing in the background .Or maybe a Metallica-like sound. I also went the other extreme almost Dream Theater-Silent Man sounding.
6-Gotta be something that the words really stand out . Almost a protest-like song. Something that sounds look-at-me-and-pay-attention !
7-Damn, kid! I like the way you write. I saw a dark horse and rider with a billowy cape sort of like a headless horseman type thing. And you were consistent in the dark images all through it. Definitely a Metallica historical-type piece. You have to keep your lyrics up front and not drown them in 'too loud' other stuff.
8-This one you said not metal so I went clear to the other extreme. An acoustic ballad very soft and slow. Barely there guitar for an interlude between a couple kick butt songs. I can't really find fault with your lyrics so I'm giving ideas for music.... which you may already have , but I'm older than dirt so humor me.
9-I got a heavy Jethro Tull sound from this. Some almost hauty and arrogant.
10-Blast it type metal. No holds barred. Growls and the whole 9 yards. The icing on the cake. Very emotive and passionate.

I really enjoyed this. I think when I first started yesterday I wasn't quite in the mood, but I got into them today and I looked at it from the perspective of reading lyrics of an album. We do that quite a bit. And I saw a flow of ideas that I liked as far as tying them all together. I think they have a good blend. But there's still some element of sameness to them. It may be wording or style. I think more the latter. You do nice work. Thanks for sharing. Hope this didn't bore every one to tears. If you want to discuss anything privately pm me. But this board is kinda slow anyways so it really wouldn't bump much. Gotta be considerate.
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