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I, personally don't "believe" in anything that can't be proved.
But one theory on these "parallel universes" is that there is a universe for every possible universe. So...say I posted this a second earlier than I just did. There would be a complete universe where the only difference was that. But also there would be completely obscure ones such as a female......or a Nazi........or.......a douchebag....(ha)
But yeah, there would be an infinite possibility for different universes.
Pretty.......something.......there arent any words to describe would just be "endless."

Something I like to ponder about thats sorta philosophical (I guess not really) is how our perception of space is "big" or an "Everlasting abyss."
But, what do we have to compare to it?
Our universe could be the size of an atom (to us) compared to someone else.
I used to come here a lot.
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