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Originally posted by powersofterror
I just read a theory somewhere about time, roughly, it said:
Time doesn't exist, meaning everything is in the same 'time'. So, here I am, here, and here you are, exactly in the same So I guess, if this theory is right, then a time machine would not work. Because we are here in time, and so the three words past, present, and future, are false.

That sounds interesting.

The annoying thing is that time can be measured,like you run the 100m in 10 secs,the next time it will be 10secs again.Can something which doesn't exist be measured? Not that there is something like seconds,seconds is a unity we made up to measure the phenomenon known as time.

Past and future don't exist,there is only now.We can remember what happened in previous nows because our brain has a memory and we call that past.Does that make sense? I'm just guessing here... Future is what we assume will happen in nows that will follow given factors that are seen and analyzed in the "now" now.Does anyone follow?

By the way Metal-life,I didn't mean your dream theory was a lie or so,I don't know what happens when you die.I was just thinking aloud and stating some reasons why i think the theory needs work.
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