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Cool poems of the nocturnal sun

I know they say the best poetry/songs come from the heart and from personal experiences, but my story is very different. I take in other bands' lyrics as influences and I write my songs with their styles in mind. Take a look and let me know what you think. (btw my band is called Nocturnal Sun)

[~] The Nocturnal Sun [~]
(an Emperor-like song done by me)
-Frank S.

As I approach the blackened gate, the rusted
door of the dead, I wonder how fate has
claimed so many a head. A sound of
silent death ever-present in the air. Entombed
for all eternity, the dead search for the
path, to silence and spiritual purity,
in the wake of all the black. Enchanting
raging silence prevailing in the night,
saying "You will find what you seek in the
glow of the azure moonlight."

Souls find refuge in the nocturnal sun, for their
flight to eternity has only begun.
Tales of life before in stillness dwell,
for these stories of existence only the dead
can tell. As the night consumes the day,
fading and blurring still, I join the
fallen and bend to their malevolent will.

-Of The Ominous Night-
-Frank S.

Tend the fire, feed its flames
Raging in the dead of night
Fiercely alive, it plays its games
Raging in the dead of night

Embers flicker and fly around
Rise up out of the dark
A solitary glow, devoid of sound
Rise up out of the dark

The mystic glow, the intense warmth
Burn strong, o gentle light
Most tender of elements, in natural form
Burn strong, o gentle light

Solace fills all who hear
Souls ablaze with passion
Dance alive and without fear
Souls ablaze with passion

From chaos is born tranquillity
In the wake of the warmth
An escape from all nihility
In the wake of the warmth

Silently dimming into shadow
Flickering and dying
With the dead of night sure to follow
Flickering and dying

Ashes and whispers in the air
Devoid of heat
Closure is found in night's empty stare
Devoid of heat

Shadows stalk the mist
Brooding, silent wraiths
Midnight shakes its ravenous fist
Brooding, silent wraiths

hidden meaning in the poem:

Such is the world today
Cruel and so hollow
But who is it that can say
That change will not follow?

Take comfort in the glow
Of momentary happiness
For some will never know
That not all life is sadness


Thirst of The Sword
(A song influenced by the Power Metal category)
-Frank S.

Crimson drops on a blades of green
Fields awash with red
Corpses all around you can be seen
Land of life, now land of dead

We still move onward
A battle around every turn
Fighting to the front of the hoard
MORE BLOOD! Our swords do yearn

Rolling black clouds pave our way
On through the valleys with force
Run through the blade and I'll show you the way
To death with no remorse


Warrior spirits at their peaks
With blades of crushing steel
An all-out bloodbath is what we seek
Bringers of death evermore


My blade drinks of your neverending wine,
Your chalice shall be your tomb

+Frigid Planes of Insanity+
-Frank S.
(Very Immortal-influenced)

Shroud of white mist,
Empty planes of snow
The chill of arctic's fist
A land so bleak, so cold.
Veil of azure
Far as eye can see
Such is the world
Inside of me

Dead... So dead and so cold,
In the depths of my mind
Dead... So dead and so cold,
This world is never kind

A vast gray sky,
Darkening every day.
Myself is what I vie for
Because I'm slipping away
Into the chilling sea
Numbness, my friend
Sinking into the deep,
This torment will never end

chorus x2


=This poem/song by Garrett M.=

Born of the night, the force arose
The flames of blackness, burning like fire
Swiftly killing it all to nothing
Consuming the land with their dark desire

They have claimed this blackened ground
Where pitiful life did live
In an instant, it was stolen
The gift of death, the flames did give

They burned up high as they went
As an unstoppable angry force
In defiance they continually rose
Continuing their killing, with no remorse.

The flames burn strong, as black as night
Them possessed of dark, they onward burned
Waiting for something to cause to die
The hatred for life, more death they yearned

The blackened flames now die down
Seeing as their mission is done
But one small spark could light the flame
And anything alive, shouldn't bother to run

-Frank S.

Constant shadow of what I could be
Never could live up to the times.
From the time that you told me what I should be
To the days when I just broke away...
Won't come back to those days and those times
when the feel wasn't right but you try and you die within...

-I have to bail and
-Run away
-Run away from

This figure standing tall
Bend and break me,
Destroy and shame me,

What's the cause of it all
Cuz I am so weak,
Rundown under your feet

Fighting to claim my right to be free,
Free from all your fake dead ways.
Cold empty eyes stare back at me,
Looking for reason in the fray.
Won't come back to those days and those times
when the feel wasn't right but you try and you die within...

-I have to bail and
-Run away
-Run away from

+Chorus x2

Cloak Of Shadows
(Again, power metal influenced)
-Frank S.

Out to the twilight, riding fast
Headlong into the night
Outlaw of the past,
Driven towards the ongoing fight
Battle is the finest hour
But mettle him no more
All of his enemies
Have come to taste his sword

Midnight rider,
Silent wraith
A trail of the slain
Is laid in his wake

Dark chariot,
Killing as he goes
Upon his back lies
The cloak of shadows

Anarchy, his mindframe. Relies on himself
Visions astir in his head
Vigilante of the darkest kind
Those who see him will be dead
A stir of echoes, the subconscious beast
A mystery to all
No time for honor, there is no need
Test his strength, but you will fall

{chorus x2}

I Can't
(not meant to be a metal song)
-Frank S.

[verse 1]
You call...
Call for the winds of change
Yet you fall...
Fall for it you're the same
As them all...
And you're nothing different
To me

I can't

Change you
Think for yourself
Change you
I would try
But it wouldn't help

[verse 2]
Is it wrong...
To leave you there
And move on...
After all I am
Just one...
Only you can save
you now

But I can't show you how

Change you
Think for yourself
Change you
Nobody else
What if I? What if I can help?


Blind Degradation
-Frank S.

Can you see? The maddening darkness,
Was my lifeblood for such a long time.
Victim of the curse, I breathe anew
It comes easy to those who know the way.
Can you see? Are you blind?

Take your place with the rest as you fall helpless.

Ensnared, Enslaved, stripped of all rights,
Eternity spent on a useless cause.
Transfiguration of the darkness
A chaotic fall to blind degradation.

You cannot see.
Each day turns, another page.
Your focus is lost.
No mental sight no inner thoughts, blindly giving way to the sin you welcome.

Take your place with the rest as you fall helpless.

Frantic, you run. Run towards your glorified hosts. My faith in you is lost...


With the blink of an eye, you mistake morals as lies, treasures for the eyes, not caring who buys. Sight forsaken, life is taken, the story of the world's BLIND DEGRADATION.

Inner Battlefield
(the mental battle to blend in or be an individual)
-Frank S.

Verse 1:
BANG BANG. A battle's going on.
See the men, tired and weak
No side winning, marching ever on
Racing towards the breach.
The glowing dark-light
The hate befallen
In the dead of night
Still I must FIGHT

Fight Fight Fight
The battle wages onward
What side is right?
Which will conquer?
Speak to silence
Fight for the best
Find the core of what I am
and fight off the rest

Verse 2:
Hate is for the weak
Fools talk, i say
In a world so meek
So easy to be swayed
Deceitful fiends push
Negating all I know
Deprived of all strength,
Yet I have the will to GO


I try to find me but I can't see (in front of me)
I fall, down to my knees (but suddenly)
This urge comes (comes upon me) it says stand, you'll not fall today, get up and FIGHT

|chorus| x2

If you like the songs, look me up on
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