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I haven't heard berzerker but since it was mentioned so many times I'll definitely try to find some. I just want to put in my 2 cents. The drummer from Nile is quite possibly the fastest drummer I have ever heard but he's not one of my favorites like Dimmu Borgir, Cephalic Carnage, both Slayer drummers (but mostly Paul), Meshuggah (especially the song "Don't Speak"), The Hanted and so-on. And as for Lars, when I'm as old as that rich bastard, he's gonna hear me play the drums and it's gonna make him have a heart attack and a stroke at the same time and he's gonna die with a three and a half inch erection and a diaper full of wanna be drummer shit. But until then, I'll just be the poor guy with the beat up 7 piece Tama Rockstar.
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