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the history of metal music ?

Guys I was wondering that the metal music
that i like (we like) so much, I don't know
anything about it, how it began, when, by ho.
I ask my self a lot of questions, what band was
the first true metal breakthrough that changed
the rock concepts into something heavier and less
ordinary, when first electric guitars were invented,
by ho, ho first started using effects (especially
distortion).When metal sub genres started forming
(power, doom, gothic, black, death, numetal....etc)
who were the pioneers in creating them ,ho was the
first 2 use double bass drums, synths, 6 string bass..
I believe u also have your questions, tell us what u
know, any small information will be more than helpful
2 make this thread successful.
Hail 2 all metal listeners....
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