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you might try looking at used cymbals
i bought a perfectly good almost mint sabian aax 20" stage ride for $100, and a paiste sig. series 18" thin china for $130, i also got a dirty sabian aax 18" metal crash for $75, and a 17" sabian AA thin crash for $60, and ziljian A custom hit hats for $150. i took em' all home, busted out some rubbing alcahol and a rag on em', and they were like new. not body could tell they were pre owned buy the way they looked and sounded. i bought them at music go round, and this place called back beats.

i'm not a fan of b8's b8 pro's,zbt,zxt,zxt titanuim, 302,402,502,802, type stuff, they dont sound nearly as good to me as AA's,AAx's,HHx's,A customs,z customs,2002's,rudes,dimensions,inovations, ect. and they dont last as long either.
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